E-Cigarette Myths: Puff Counts

E-Cigarette Myths: Puff Counts

Now that you’re well on your way to e-cigarette understanding, you may have noticed something different about the way we describe our products when compared to our competition. While we love talking about our advanced, long-lasting battery and cartomizer technology, you will not find a comparison to traditional cigarettes or any mention of “puff counts.”

Believe it or not, even in 2015, this makes us an anomaly in the e-cig marketplace. You see, since the formative years of e-cigarettes, all anyone really asked was if these newfangled devices tasted, lasted, and “worked” like traditional tobacco.

This is certainly a fair line of questioning, considering why most people tried e-cigs in the first place. But, as we’ve discussed, the vaping industry has grown into an entirely new, evolved entity.

Today, e-cigarettes offer many flavors, functions, and advanced vaping technology – and with this evolution, our vaping habits have grown in parallel. Because of this, it’s no longer accurate to make blanket claims of “XXX puffs per cartomizer” or “equal to two packs.”

While early e-cig adopters may have used them in a similar fashion to tobacco, many users quickly realized vaping is an entirely different practice. In short, your e-cig is a completely new way to satisfy cravings, but it is just as appealing to your other senses, rendering comparative concepts like “puff counts” outdated e-cigarette myths.

E-cigs aren’t tobacco

Let’s get this out of the way—using an e-cig isn’t smoking. First and foremost, because there’s no smoke. That’s not just a sarcastic remark (though we’re not entirely above that here). While vaping may resemble smoking, the lack of combustion, fire, and the need to dispose of a smoldering filter make it a different activity altogether.

You see, whereas most smokers will have a cigarette, stub it out, and then wait a while before lighting up again, most vapers seem to have their e-cig close at hand at all times. This means more intermittent vaping throughout the course of a day, rather than solely during frenzied work breaks or cold moments on the porch. When the need hits, your e-cig is there.

Which is another reason puff counts are irrelevant.

If someone works in a vape-friendly environment and puffs steadily throughout the day—going through three cartomizers before the whistle blows, is it safe to say each lasted the same amount of time as a pack of a smokes? Maybe the puff counts were comparable, but the usage is not, and any direct comparisons would be misrepresentative of how the user enjoyed the product.

Likewise, consider the vapers who only need a puff or two to feel satisfied before putting their E-cigs away. Is that comparable to a person who endures an entire cigarette, regardless of how quickly it satisfies a craving? Not quite.

Flavor is the name of the game

Factoring out some questionable products, smokers really only have two flavor options: tobacco and mentholated tobacco. Sure, there is some variety within these flavor profiles, but nonetheless, the tastes are fairly uniform.

E-cigarette users tend to act differently. Yes, many stick with the tobacco and menthol flavors they love. But, with the seemingly endless range of unique e-cig flavors available, vapers will take a quick puff or two to satisfy a flavor craving as often (if not more so) as they do to feed a need for nicotine.

Today, it’s not uncommon for vapers to skip calorie-packed sweets and grab an indulgent, dessert flavor e-liquid instead. Likewise, we’ve heard from customers who pair E-cig flavors with mixed drinks and even high-end whiskeys. These vapers, who simply want a puff or two to satiate a flavor craving, aren’t necessarily using the product in the same manner as a traditional tobacco smoker, again altering supposed “patterns of use.”

Sure, these users are still receiving nicotine and exhaling clouds of vapor, but unlike most cigarette smokers, it’s not uncommon to hear, “I can’t wait to puff on that new flavor!”

Maybe this isn’t why they first switched to e-cigs, but it is usually why they stay with them.

Changing How People “Smoke”

Though smokers generally know which cigarette brands have the most “oomph,” tobacco cigs are not sold based on nicotine strength. However, the E-cig industry has given users a better understanding of nicotine content, and how to match it to tobacco usage.

If a person smokes heavily to satiate nicotine cravings, an E-cig filled with 24mg strength E-liquid should provide a very satisfying match. But this isn’t always an exact science, and trial and error is often needed to find that “sweet spot” for satisfaction.

While comparisons to traditional cigarettes are inevitable and aren’t going away, vapers are using their e-cigs in different ways, and often for reasons other than nicotine cravings.

So, the next time you hear new vapers talk about intricate puff count metrics, let them know the only data you care about is how often your Halo satisfies your need for flavor and enjoyment. They’ll catch on pretty quickly. We promise.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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