Mind Your Manners: A Guide to E-Cig Etiquette

Mind Your Manners: A Guide to E-Cig Etiquette

Whether in person or on social media, nearly every vaper has encountered someone venting about a dislike of electronic cigarettes. From complaints about “second-hand” vapor to broad expressions of discontent with vapers altogether, we’ve seen it all. We should agree, though, that there should be some e-cig etiquette. 

While we’ve all met contrarians—people who’d argue that the sky isn’t blue just to be difficult—there are others who’ve formed opinions about e-cigs based on legitimate issues after an experience with an inconsiderate vaper. And while you may think that cranky Chris sitting next to you at the bar might benefit from climbing down off that anti-vaping high horse, the fact is that if vapers want to maintain the privilege of vaping in public places, consideration of others is a necessity.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of guidelines for practicing E-cig etiquette in the real world.

Always Ask the Bartender/Server/Barista

Vaping in a public establishment is not an “ask for forgiveness, not for permission” situation. Endear yourself to the servers, bartenders, and other staff by asking someone first if it’s okay to vape. They reserve the right to say no, but chances are likely that their answer will be in the affirmative. If not, politely stay and enjoy your night vape-free, or vote with your dollars and move to a vape-friendly spot.


Seated in a crowded coffee shop or packed bar? It might not be the best place to pull out your Triton vape pen. That said, if the scene seems right, just ask the people closest to you if they mind. They’ll likely appreciate your consideration and say that vaping is fine, but nothing will give the impression of being rude like busting out an E-cig and blowing vapor at the people around you.

Is Someone Eating Nearby?

We all go out to dine for different reasons, but one fact remains the same: when spending money to eat out, everyone wants to enjoy their meal, no matter how simple it may be. Heavy clouds, or scented vapes certainly have the potential to interfere with the dining experience of even the most tolerant individuals. So whether sitting at the bar next to a group with a plate of wings, or at a table behind a couple with steaks, practice some e-cig etiquette and forego vaping until they’ve finished their meals.

Consider the Amount of Vapor Produced

While the vapor produced by some e-cigs is fairly minimal, there are others that can create massive clouds in just one breath. If you’re dining or drinking outside, or in an expansive spot, this may not be an issue. But if you’re in a cozy bar, or at a house party, remember to take notice of how much vapor is in the air if the crowd doesn’t consist entirely of vapers. Even though it isn’t cigar or cigarette smoke, the aesthetics of excessive vapor hanging in the air can be, understandably, off-putting to non-vapers.

Consider the Scent of Vapor

Sure, you may really dig on your gourmet-flavored e-liquids, but is the scent as easily detected to others as the taste is to you? If so, consider the consequences. Think: the finest brand name cologne or perfume might be alluring in small doses, but no one likes to sit next to “that guy” (or girl) who seems to have bathed in it. Vaping is the same. If you want to vape in public places, especially enclosed or in close contact with others, consider saving heavily scented vapes for more personal times — like at home or in the car. Choose the lighter scents when going out.

Are There Children Around?

You’re not smoking a cigarette, but vaping is still, admittedly, analogous to smoking. Vaping is never acceptable on school grounds, and we would suggest using caution at playgrounds and other public places that school-aged children frequent. If at the home of a friend or family member of children, the same protocol as anywhere exists: Just ask.

Do you have feedback on these suggestions or other ideas on how to practice e-cig etiquette around others? Drop us a note – we’d love to hear!

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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    I read lots of posts regarding E-Cigs but this one is straight to the point.