E-Liquid Flavor Bans: Misguided, Selective, and Hypocritical

E-Liquid Flavor Bans: Misguided, Selective, and Hypocritical

In case you missed it, San Francisco recently voted to uphold a ban on all flavored e-liquids, including menthol, fruit, and other flavors.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t live in San Francisco,” it’s important to realize these bans are a growing and disturbing trend, with places like Chicago — remember how well Prohibition worked in that town — considering similar bans. There could be a domino effect.

New York State just narrowly averted a ban, for now.

Flavor Bans Are Misguided

Enacted out of unfounded concerns that flavored e-liquids primarily appeal to children, this ban seems to suggest that San Francisco has forgotten e-cigarettes are age-restricted products and believes that denying adults these products is preferable to enforcing age restrictions.

Freedom of choice issues aside, this flavor ban is a monumentally bad idea. Life’s just gotten a lot more difficult for adult menthol cigarette smokers hoping to give them up by vaping menthol-flavored e-liquid. Many former smokers are thanking e-cigarettes for helping make them former smokers. As a company dedicated to saving lives, we hope to see a lot more ex-smokers.

Flavor Bans Are Selective and Hypocritical

San Francisco has scores of beer breweries, many of which brew their own age-restricted product with chocolate, fruit, and even peanut butter flavors. Where’s the outrage over this? You don’t hear much about public officials saying brewers are marketing these beers to kids. Or other higher alcohol content products, for that matter. Why this disparity in singling out vaping?

We have no issue with these breweries and don’t wish to see them saddled with greater regulation or forced out of business. We DO have an issue with our product being unfairly singled out. It makes us angry, and it should make all vapers angry too.

Ever had those liquor-filled chocolates around the holidays? Either adults like sweet flavors, or children are being marketed to with the product. We’re pretty sure we can guess which of those is true. Again, no outcry. No restrictive new laws. Not a word from anyone. This is just another example of many.

What Happens Next? TAKE ACTION BEFORE JULY 19!

The FDA has asked for public comment on regulating flavors in tobacco products, a strong indication that it’s considering taking some action in the near future.

If you want to continue enjoying vape flavors, take the time to comment using the link above, and encourage your vaping friends and supporters to do the same. Let the FDA know how you as a vaper feel you have benefitted from e-liquids and how a flavor ban might negatively impact you.

If you own a vape-related business, let them know how you as a retailer are committed to keeping these adult products out of the hands of minors. Share any smoking cessation success stories you’ve heard from customers.

How do you feel about vape flavor bans? What do you plan to do to fight them? Comment or react below.

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