E-Cig Nicotine Strength: What’s Right for You?

E-Cig Nicotine Strength: What’s Right for You?

Let’s speak frankly: Many e-cig users want nicotine. In order to satisfy their bodies, which have become accustomed to having it, the strength of the nicotine is the element that counts. In e-cigarettes, nicotine helps the device to produce a more realistic smoking “feel” (often referred to as “throat hit”) that is arguably just as important to smokers as flavor or vapor production.

When I began vaping, Halo was a welcome breath of fresh air—pun fully intended. I enjoyed knowing that my electronic cigarette allowed me to get the realistic sensation and satisfaction I wanted, while having the ability to try new flavors, experiment with more advanced vaping devices, and adjust nicotine strengths to my preferences.

At Halo, we pride ourselves on providing customers with customization and choice, not just with our exciting array of products, but also with our wide range of e-cig nicotine strengths.

Halo Nicotine Strength

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Before we dive in, here is a helpful guide for choosing the right nicotine strength Halo e-liquid or e-cig cartomizer. Keep in mind that this is a recommendation, and might not apply to every smoker or vaper.

Though this can vary by person, the ideal strength—or amount of nicotine in an electronic cigarette tank or cartomizer—should roughly match how frequently you smoke. For people who generally smoke one to two packs per day, the middle-to-high range of the strength spectrum is a good place to start.

In turn, if you’re one of those people who only bum a smoke when socializing, stick to the low end to avoid an unnecessarily high nicotine jolt and harsh throat hit.

Finding the Sweet Spot

Smoking—electronic or otherwise—is an intensely personal practice. While many assume all cigarettes are the same, we all know how brand-loyal smokers can be. Whether you enjoyed the gruff cowboy variety or preferred more, ahemparliamentary flavors, your selection was vital to your overall enjoyment.

E-Cigarettes are no exception. Between the myriad flavor and strength options available, vaping is arguably more personal. But that’s what makes it all the more satisfying, as well. With a wide range of strength options, Halo allows you to perfectly customize an experience that will fit your needs, maximizing your enjoyment.

Is it as simple as, “You smoked a pack per day, so choose ____ strength?” For some, this might work. But for most of our users, the perfect e-cigarette experience is one that needs to be crafted. Perhaps certain sweet e-liquid flavors require more nicotine strength to recreate a perfect throat hit. For some, rich tobacco flavors are actually smoother at lower levels.

It takes a little trial and error, but in a short time, you’ll find the pairing that best meets—or exceeds—your ideal experience.

Consider the Nicotine-Free Option

Many of our customers enjoy Halo products solely for the flavor and realistic sensations they provide. For them, nicotine isn’t a vital part of the experience, which is why we also offer nicotine-free e-liquids and cartomizers.

You’d think it might be strange to “smoke” without nicotine as part of the equation, but thousands of satisfied Halo customers will tell you otherwise. They will describe their enjoyment of rich, authentic flavors. They’ll discuss how they’re blowing thick plumes of vapor. They will explain how using Halo e-cigs leaves them satisfied, time and time again.

If you’re unsure about whether you need nicotine as part of your vaping experience, give our nicotine-free products a try—you might find yourself too busy enjoying your e-cig to notice what’s missing.

Nicotine-free isn’t for everyone. And, for that matter, neither are our higher strengths. But with Halo’s high-performing batteries, cartomizers, and tanks, and a growing menu of unique e-liquids, this trial and error process couldn’t be easier or more enjoyable.

It should also be noted that we could take the easy road and max our nicotine strength at 1.2%, forcing some users to vape more heavily, buy more product, and give us more money. But we don’t.

Instead, we choose to offer a range of nicotine strengths all the way to 2.4%, to ensure every puff is as satisfying as possible for our growing, and increasingly diverse pool of customers.

What is YOUR sweet spot? Tell us about your vaping experience in the comments below, and let us know if you’ve found the perfect combination for your needs.

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