Don’t Give the Cold Shoulder to Your Cold E-liquid

Don’t Give the Cold Shoulder to Your Cold E-liquid

Whether you mistakenly put your ADV in the refrigerator to keep it fresh overnight or your mail carrier left your vape mail on your doorstep on a winter day, cold temperatures can have an impact on your E-liquid.

Freezing Point of VG vs. PG

As the E-liquid gets colder and colder, its viscosity will lower, making it thick, gooey, distasteful or altogether unwickable. Let’s be clear that neither propylene glycol nor vegetable glycerin actually freeze. They undergo what is called supercooling and become more and more viscous until they reach a glass-like solid.

They may not freeze, but you cloud-chasers are at a disadvantage. Propylene glycol has a lower freezing point than vegetable glycerin. As a result, those high-VG E-liquids will incur more thickening issues as the temperature lowers. Thick E-juice is harder to wick, which can lead to dry hits.

Hardware Beware

The cold can be detrimental to your hardware as well. A tank leak can understandably be caused by the contractions and expansions of the metal and other materials as it goes from hot to cold. This problem will only exacerbate when being operated in the cold, where the extremes are greater.

Your battery could also be affected. Cold temperatures increase the internal resistance and lower the capacity of all batteries. This means the lithium-ion battery in your E-cig will generally see a dramatic reduction in life. Even if your device is returned to room temperature before it is operated, exposure to extremely cold temperatures can cause a temporary degradation in capacity as well as a the possibility of some permanent loss.

The Takeaway

We, at Halo, don’t recommend that you refrigerate our E-liquids. It separates its constituents, which doesn’t make a great vape. But if your E-liquid does get cold, no need to throw it away. Just let it slowly return to room temperature and give it a shake, and you should be O.K. Of course, the best way to add a little chill to any E-liquid—even in July—is with a few drops of SubZero.

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