Customer Testimonial Spotlight: Debrah From Jacksonville, AL

Customer Testimonial Spotlight: Debrah From Jacksonville, AL

Debrah walked away from a 25-year smoking habit and hasn’t touched a cigarette in three years.

Halo: Where are you from?

Debrah: Jacksonville, Alabama. Just a little piece of heaven in central Alabama. Go JSU GAMECOCKS!

Halo: What made you start vaping?

Debrah: I wanted to give up conventional cigarettes. I was tired of being bound to them and the health issues that come with it.

Halo: What are your hobbies?

Debrah: I’m your basic redneck girl next door. I love to go camping and fishing. I’m an avid football and baseball fan, and I love music of all genres. I’m the mother to two amazing sons who keep me young and busy. My oldest son is in two heavy metal/rock ‘n’ roll bands and our youngest son is in a jazz band. We are the roadie/merch persons for both – which gets me a lot of crazy looks depending on which show I’m at! People are surprised maw maw can head bang.

Halo: How has vaping changed your life?

Debrah: I have not touched a cigarette in three years due to Halo. I can control my nicotine intake and my general health is better. My family is happier to no longer have the heavy smell of cigarettes in my home or on my clothes. This has not only changed my life but several family members have now turned to vaping and taking control of their nicotine intake.

Halo: Do you vape nicotine containing products? If so, what level nicotine do you use?

Debrah: Yes, I use the nicotine products and I use from 18 to 12 mg.

Halo: Who’d play you in a movie of your life?

Debrah: Melissa McCarthy. She would certainly be able to pull off some of the crazy situations I have gotten myself into! Plus, I try to find humor in everything.

Halo: How long have you been vaping?

Debrah: Three years.

Halo: What flavors do you vape?

Debrah: Tobacco.

Halo: What is something unique about you?

Debrah: I have lived in many areas of the United States and was fortunate enough to work in the Silicon Valley Area and see the beginnings of the internet during the ’80s. Just so you know, Al Gore was NOT there! LOL

Halo: What hobbies are you involved in now that you couldn’t do when you smoked cigarettes?

Debrah: I still do the same hobbies but I am better at what I do now. My health is better than when I smoked conventional cigarettes and therefore I participate better now.

Halo: What’s your favorite quote?

Debrah: “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” – Mark Twain

Halo: What’s your favorite Halo flavor? Why?

Debrah: Tribeca is my favorite! It is the one that tastes and feels most like my conventional cigarette did. I think this helps to keep me on track.

Halo: Who’s your hero?

Debrah: My husband. He’s my rock of 32 years and an amazing father to our college age children. He recently received a liver transplant and has shown nothing but strength and grace through it all. I am truly blessed to have him by my side.

Halo: Cats or dogs?

Debrah: Dogs … they love you no matter how weird you are!

Halo: Beach or mountains?

Debrah: Oh … can I say both? Beach for summer, mountains for winter.

Halo: Pancakes or waffles?

Debrah: Hello? Pancakes! The word “CAKE” is in it!

Halo: What’s the number one thing you want people to know about vaping?

Debrah: YOU will feel better! Although, many people have said things like, “Well, you’re still smoking.” And yes, I’m sure to outside person that it may appear the same but it isn’t. Smoking was causing breathing problems when I did physical activities. I could feel that it was harder to breath. Since moving to vapor, I no longer have those issues. Also, the odor is NOTHING like smoking! Vaping is so much cleaner and better for yourself and those around you. I would recommend to any conventional smoker to give this a try and you will see that the enjoyment of smoking doesn’t have to come with so much “baggage.” You can enjoy an after-dinner “smoke” without so much guilt and without all the horrible smells and side effects. I am a firm believer that without Halo I would NOT have been able to walk away from a 25-year smoking habit. But it’s been three years and not one cheat! This is a better alternative and will make a good change in your life!

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