How to Cure and Prevent Flavor Fatigue

How to Cure and Prevent Flavor Fatigue

Why Does Flavor Fatigue Happen?

We can all agree the role of flavor is one of the most important aspects of the vaping experience. In a perfect world, each flavor of E-liquid would permanently retain its same fresh, great taste; however that would just be too easy. Unfortunately, there are a number of variables that can compromise your perception of taste. Flavor fatigue, also referred to as “vaper’s tongue,” is when you can no longer identify the taste of your E-liquid.

Despite how it sounds, vaper’s tongue actually has nothing to do with the tongue or taste buds. In fact, it’s the olfactory senses (our nose) that “tastes” the flavor of the vapor. That’s right, you taste E-liquid with your nose, not your mouth. When you smell something, molecules hit odor receptors which trigger the olfactory system of the brain. At first, the smell will be strong and overpowering. To prevent over stimulation of your nervous system, your brain adapts to the smell. Eventually, the odor receptors will stop sending messages to the brain and you’ll experience temporary sensory fatigue.

Envision walking into a stranger’s home. It may smell funny to you at first, but after a few minutes, it begins to slowly subside until you don’t even notice it anymore.

When flavor fatigue sets in, it affects everyone differently, taking anywhere from a few hours to several days or, in rare cases, even weeks before you’ll be able to taste E-liquids again. If you routinely vape the same flavors, your olfactory senses adapt. As a result, your go-to E-juice might not be as savory or even worse, its flavor may dissipate altogether.

Another cause of flavor fatigue is dehydration. When our bodies are dehydrated, a thin layer of film forms inside of the mouth and nasal passages. This film blocks smells from reaching your olfactory receptors. Most of the world already suffers from chronic dehydration and vaping just further exacerbates the symptoms.

How to Prevent Flavor Fatigue

The most common way to prevent fatigue is to diversify your selection of E-juices; however, consistently vaping different flavors can be quite costly and ultimately lead to “vaper’s wallet,” which sadly is incurable. The point is rotating E-liquids will sharpen your olfactory senses and help advert flavor exhaustion. If you can tolerate the hassle of regularly switching out flavors, then by all means, vape your heart out!

Remember to stay hydrated by drinking at least eight cups of water per day. You may even consider drinking more than suggested as vaping only increases dehydration.

In addition, although a daunting task to some, try to limit your alcohol intake because as blood alcohol levels rise, your sense of smell decreases.

How to Cure Flavor Fatigue

For those currently suffering from flavor fatigue, no worries. You don’t have to give up vaping or wander through the thick, vast jungles of a Third World country looking for the antidote. We have the remedies right here:

Drink Water

As previously mentioned, staying hydrated improves and enhances the sense of smell. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially while you’re vaping.


Researchers have also found exercise can improve the sense of smell. This is believed to be due to moisture that builds up in the nose while working out.

Vape When You’re Hungry

Our perception of smell becomes stronger when we’re hungry as it’s one way our bodies can increase the likelihood of finding food.

Use a Humidifier

When there is higher moisture content in the air, our sense of smell increases, especially in the winter when moisture content in the air is low.

Blow Your Nose

If your nose is stuffed, smells are not able to reach your olfactory receptors. Consult with a doctor or pharmacist to find an appropriate saline nasal spray for improved breathing.

Switch Flavors

If you vape strong flavors like menthol or cinnamon, try changing to a milder flavor and vice versa. Some vapers recommend strong lemon flavors.

Try Clapton Coils

Clapton coils are known to offer a blast of flavor. If you have the time and patience to build a Clapton coil, this might be just what you need to taste flavor again.

Take a Whiff of Some Coffee Beans

If you’ve ever been to the perfume counter at a department store, you may have noticed a jar of coffee beans on the counter. This is a common method used to reset your senses. It’s not necessarily the coffee beans that does the trick as nail polish or any bold scent will do.

Shock Your Taste Buds

Taste and smell are intertwined. You can wake up your olfactory system by shocking it with a number of flavored foods or drinks high in potency like green olives, ginger, lemons, or sorbet. If you’re truly desperate, you can resort to swishing pickle juice or vinegar around in your mouth.

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