Coachella 2018: What We Expect

Coachella 2018: What We Expect

From surprise guests to collaborations between the artists, you never know what’s going to come from the Coachella performers, but we think we have a pretty good idea. Based on the lineup and some research, we have a good feeling of what to expect on the stages and at the festival this year. Plus, we’ll give you a list of some other activities to check out during the event this year.

Special Guests

Special guests appear at Coachella every year. This year, there are a few opportunities for Kendrick Lamar to show up because he worked with Beyoncé on “Freedom” and The Weeknd on “Sidewalks,” two very popular songs. And Black Panther is such a successful movie, we’re sure that the two will want to perform “Pray for Me.” And I’ll be very surprised if Jay Z doesn’t come out during one of Beyoncé’s sets. The couple have numerous hit songs, plus they are scheduled to go on their On the Run II tour in June. Them performing together at the festival would be good promotion for the tour. Also, Post Malone could bring out 21 Savage since they are currently on tour together, Eminem might bring out Rihanna because they have some hit songs they both worked on, and the Migos will probably bring out someone who was featured on their Culture II album like Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, or Drake. Walk it like I talk it!

Performances Between Artists

Because Migos and Cardi B are performing on the same days, you already know they’re going to at least perform “Drip” together. (By the way, it appears that Cardi’s pregnancy isn’t stopping her from performing at the festival or at other scheduled tour locations. Okuuurt. Maybe there’ll be some super cute baby announcement at Coachella?? I hope so…) Anyway, Beyoncé has worked with both the Weeknd and Eminem, so she could also perform during one of their sets. But if not, her individual performances are going to be insane. She recently hired 100 new dancers and has been getting ready for the festival with 11-hour rehearsal days, so you know her sets will be amazing.

Other Celebrities You’ll See

Several celebrities go to Coachella just to enjoy the show. Vanessa Hudgens has gone almost every year since 2011, Katy Perry-every year since 2011, Jared Leto-every year since 2012, Lindsay Lohan-every year since 2010, and Paris Hilton-every year since 2007. If you’re going, you’ll see a lot of celebs who aren’t in the lineup.


If this happens to be your first time at Coachella, there are other things you’ll want to check out along with the performances: The Do Lab (an open stage with large water hoses for when it gets hot outside), the Yuma Tent (indoor performance area for the smaller acts), the Heineken House (a lounge to drink), the art exhibits, and FOOD. The food options have expanded a lot this year with a new covered food hall featuring 15 restaurants. There’s going to be so much happening at Coachella 2018, it’ll be hard to see everything the festival has to offer!

Vaping at Coachella

By the way, you can vape at the festival, but there are rules about it. The website says cig-a-likes and mid-sized vape pens are allowed in the festival, but no mods, so we recommend the G6 or Triton II. And no liquid refills can enter the venue, so e-liquid needs to be in the device before you get there.

How do you feel about the lineup this year? React below!

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