A Guide to Choosing the Right Setup

A Guide to Choosing the Right Setup

Cig-a-likes to Advanced Mods

Whether you’re a high-profile, seasoned cloud-chasing aficionado living the “vape life” or just beginning your journey, the invariable fact in vaping is: there are tons of choices, and they’re all up to you. Regardless of your experience level, here are some basic options to help in choosing the most suitable setup for your vaping needs.

The Novice (Cig-a-likes)
There’s no doubt that selecting the proper system can be overwhelming—even for the most advanced vaper. First off, there are thousands of brands to choose from, with multiple product offerings and varying prices. Not to worry! Use our simple strategy to help make your decision as seamless as possible:

  • Quality Matters — Let’s be real, there’s a fine line between what we “NEED the most” and what we “WANT the most.” For example, essentials like cell phones, vehicles, pillows etc., are everyday necessities, and in most cases, well worth the investment. Assuming you’ll be using your vape rather frequently, we suggest you consider a high-quality, reliable brand, backed by several credible testimonials. You’re investing in equipment that may be used for years. If your budget allows, spending more up front will help assure long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Respect Batteries — If possible, keep three batteries, one that you’re presently using and two charged backups. In order to keep your batteries in continuous service, obtain a USB,  wall, and  car charger to ensure your batteries are charged and ready at all times. We suggest establishing a “charging rotation” and sticking to it.
  • Do your Research — Not all vapers are alike. Between flavor, vapor production, and an authentic analog experience, everyone has their own preference. Identify what you’re trying to accomplish, learn about the various vaping methods, and examine the selection of hardware available.
  • Trial and Error — As we previously pointed out, vaping is an industry driven by preference. Remember, it can take a bit of trial and error over time, but eventually you’ll find what’s right for you. 
  • Don’t go it Alone — In the past 15 months, there’s been a noticeable surge in vaping. Almost overnight, you may have observed vape shops popping up on every corner. It can’t hurt to find a convenient retail location with a knowledgeable staff. Get to know them. Listen to them. Trust them. You need their expertise; they want to earn your business.

The Intermediate Vaper (Vape Pens)
Cig-a-likes may provide a rich, multi-layered world of enjoyment for many, but for those looking for higher wattage, better throat hits, and improved vapor production, there’s the vape pen. This step-up may provide:

  • Three-piece construction — The battery, tank, and atomizer are separate components. You ultimately receive a wider range of control and more stability.
  • Larger tank — It can hold a sufficient amount of e-liquid that may last many days, depending on use. Greater capacity means you won’t have to change or buy e-liquid as often.
  • Battery choices — Slim batteries provide a streamlined look, while larger batteries make for a cigar-like appearance, and can last several days.
  • Variable voltage — Some vape pens allow the user to manually adjust the voltage being provided to the atomizer.
  • Pass through — Vape pens with this feature allow you to continue vaping while the battery charges.

The Experienced Vaper (Mods)
The term, “Mod” applies to any gear that deviates from the vape pen to what some now call the Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV).

Mods are designed for people who desire a more “high-tech” experience without having to “get under the hood.” Vapers enjoy these off-the-shelf devices within adjustment limits for voltage and wattage set by the manufacturers. Some mods provide enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase coils or build their own.

Vapers who perceive vaping as a lifestyle rather than a hobby (think competitive cloud chasers) are reminiscent of hot-rodders and drag racers, combining parts from multiple sources in the quest for maximum power and performance. Many build their own mods and experiment with all the various components—batteries, voltage, wattage, atomizers, tanks, coils, coil wire, and more—searching for the “ultimate vape.”

What Matters Most: Knowing What You Want
Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned vaper, the following will greatly influence and play pivotal roles in all of your vape-related decisions:

  1.  Personal preferences
  2.  Budget
  3.  Convenience (space for gear and accessories)

In addition, the vaping community, like a band of passionate brothers and sisters, has an outstanding reputation for helping their own and providing insight. Stay tuned to the Halo Blog as you continue the quest for the perfect vape.


The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs, LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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