I Wouldn’t Use That to Charge Your E-Cig

I Wouldn’t Use That to Charge Your E-Cig

When you Google “e-cigarettes,” you’re likely to see a lot of ads, a bunch of posts about legislation and even some pretty inflammatory stories about e-cig misuse. No pun intended.

Over the last few years, there have been a number of articles about fires and explosions related to the improper use of E-cigarettes. Luckily, the majority of these cases resulted in minor property damage and nothing more.

But we firmly believe any damage is too much damage, especially since it all could have been avoided by following simple instructions. Yet, people always seem to want to buck the system.

In most of these cases, the damage was caused by user error—most notably with improper chargers. We’ll touch on this topic in some upcoming posts, but given the urgent nature of the issue, let’s dive a little deeper to make sure you’re 100 percent clear about how to safely enjoy our products, without worrying about damaging that classic shag rug—or the people lying on it.

E-cigs are NOT iOS-compatible

Let’s be honest: e-cigs don’t come with a laundry list of rules, nor do they have risks of Gremlins-like proportions. They serve one simple (but oh-so-satisfying) purpose, and as such, have proprietary equipment designed to maximize efficiency.

In a 2013 incident, an English woman was charging a “big battery” e-cig (similar to our Triton advanced e-cigarette) in her living room. This battery came with a charger from the manufacturer—a proprietary charger, we might add—but the owner instead used a mobile phone adapter to shave a few minutes off the process.

The result of her rush job? Six-foot flames, roasted floorboards, and the numbing reality that things could have been much worse had she been asleep or out of the house.

On top of that, the E-cig battery in question featured an indicator light to let users know when charging was done; however, the battery didn’t recognize the third-party device, and the light didn’t activate, leaving no way to determine how long it had been done cycling.

Had she just used the charger provided with her e-cig, we wouldn’t be discussing this right now.

Any electronic device—from e-cigs to Lite Brites—pose a threat of fire and explosion if used improperly. While there are obviously different risks in play, these devices come with instruction manuals for a reason. And, if the user ignores these instructions, at best, the product simply won’t work as well as intended.

Now, while we can’t say that things will never go wrong with e-cigarettes, we can assure you that we have received precisely ZERO reports of Halo G6 or Triton e-cigs posing dangers when used as intended.

Halo products are vetted thoroughly from our factories. Our batteries are fully regulated, meaning the voltage doesn’t spike. They are tested to ensure they activate evenly and safely every time you press the button or inhale.

But that doesn’t mean you can use them improperly. No matter how tempting that high-speed USB adapter looks on eBay, it’s not going to work well with your Halo e-cigs. Hands off the bid button and spend your money on an appropriate charger instead.

If you follow directions and use the equipment designed for your e-cig, you can expect a safe, satisfying vape. We’ve designed our products to work perfectly together, so there’s no need to waste money on any product that promises to “improve” the Halo experience. It won’t. We promise.

Our E-Cig Battery Tips

  • Never leave e-cigs charging unattended and for prolonged periods.
  • Only use compatible, appropriate chargers and cartridges with your batteries.
  • If a battery is hot to the touch, stop vaping! Return it or recycle it.
  • Clean your batteries often to ensure there is a solid connection.

If you choose to ignore the instructions, at best, you’ll have a less-than-satisfying vape, on an underperforming device. At worst, you’ll damage your products, if not more.

So, buck the need to buck the system. Use Halo e-cigs on the proper chargers and vape on. Believe us, your experience (and your carpet) will be better off.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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