Beyond the Cloud: A Vaping Documentary Review

Beyond the Cloud: A Vaping Documentary Review

The French vaping documentary, Beyond the Cloud, was released in the US via YouTube on September 28th, 2016. Directed by Ghyslain Armand and Sébastien Duijndam, the documentary looks at societal changes that have come about due to e-cigarettes. Armand, a French journalist, takes viewers into the heart of the vaping controversy; he travels to Switzerland, France and America in the film. Subtitles are in both French and English.

Vapers and Scientists

The vaping documentary is divided up into five parts. The first part looks at the history of tobacco; Armand talks to ex-smokers about how they got started (most chalked it up to either peer pressure or the idea that “real men” smoked); we get to see a number of old cigarette commercials, and he provides us facts and figures on tobacco usage.

Part two then goes right into vaping. Our host, Armand, tells us he is a former smoker who found vaping about five years ago. The “Vaping” section brings us interviews with vapers, doctors and researchers and we even get to meet Hon Lik, the inventor of the first electronic cigarette. Researchers and doctors share their findings, saying they believe vaping to be 95% safer than smoking a traditional cigarette.

Part three is labeled “Fears” and outlines many people’s concerns when it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping. Armand does man-on-the-street interviews which show just how uninformed the public is when it comes to vaping.

Part four, or “My Fight”, talks with cancer survivors, vapers who have given up tobacco, and vapers who are fighting to keep vaping alive. Advocates, like the head of, talk about the misinformation out there and how hard it is to convince people that the vaping industry is not a part of big tobacco. Armand also visits vape shops and vape lounges whose owners are fighting to help keep vaping a part of the public concern.

Part five is called “Beyond the Cloud”. This section wraps it all up; Armand shows us what companies like Philip Morris International are doing to join the discussion (producing their own cig-a-likes) and what the EU did to keep the vapor industry alive. Derek Yach, an expert at the World Health Organization (WHO) explains that the future of vaping really is in the consumers’ hands, especially in this day and age. With social media, Yach tells us that we, the consumers, simply have to take control of the conversation.

There is much to be learned from the doc and its participants. As one dual user tells Armand, “Vapers just have to impose their new habit. Politics will follow.”

A former pack-and-a-half-a-day smoker says, “Facts before fear”, meaning we just have to get the facts out there to assuage the uncertainties and fears. Armand has done a wonderful job of putting the facts together in this documentary. Now, we just have to get people to watch.

Watch for Free

The full-length vaping documentary, Beyond the Cloud, can be viewed, for free, on YouTube with both English and French subtitles. It’s run time is just over an hour. An easy watch that is worth your time.

Watch it and share your thoughts with us below in the comments! What did you think?

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