Best Cloud-Chasing Tricks on YouTube

Best Cloud-Chasing Tricks on YouTube

Think of cloud-chasing tricks like dancing. You have the basic moves that require little to zero experience. (Think of the two-step in Hitch.) After a little bit of practice, you eventually evolve and master moves that require skills of timing, finesse, direction and posture. (Think of something totally different than everything Albert does in the video below.)

Just like dancing, after some time, tricks can become a real art form and many competitions all over the country have proven that. With a simple Google search, you will find events in which some of the best vapers in the world can be found doing extraordinary tricks and creating phenomenal things with their vapor. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites:

Andrew Fitzy and His Team

Let’s start with something a little simpler. In the video below, you will see some crazy tricks by Andrew Fitzy and his team. Their bubble tricks are the highlights.

Best from Vine

Vine is full of six-second-long videos with cloud-chasing tricks, and a compilation of the best of them is always welcome—just look at the trick at the four-minute-and-20-second mark! Make sure you follow the hashtags #vaping and #vape on Vine for more awesomeness.

Wes Seeley

Wes Seeley is one of the most talented cloud-chasing newcomers, and even though he has published only two YouTube videos so far, he has managed to convince us of his talent. What about you?


A black-and-white video full of vape tricks will always look spectacular, but this amazing compilation below would amaze you even if they were in sepia.


It’s time to meet the champions! Here is a YouTube video of the Vape Capitol Cloud Championship 2015, where experts had the chance to compete with one another. Like the stuff you see on Dancing with the Stars, please don’t try these tricks at home—yet.

It’s Your Turn

We know that you would love to be able to do all these amazing cloud-chasing tricks and become the master of vaping, but as now you know, you need to practice really hard to achieve that.

So we would recommend this YouTube video below which can teach you how to start with the basics: the O-rings, the French Inhale and the famous Ghost Inhale. Of course, we’ve also covered other great trick how-tos.

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