Vaping Battery Strategy

Vaping Battery Strategy

It’s presidential political season in the U.S., where our nation’s top candidates engage in a race to one-up each other to earn your vote, avowing to implement change and make MTV great again. Here’s to you Merica! To pay homage, we wanted to add an element of debate in this article, exploring the question: What’s the best charging method for vaporizers – built-in, standalone, or wall chargers? But, because vaping is such a customizable industry concentrated on personal preference, is there really a right answer? What’s your vaping battery strategy?

Regardless of how extensive or intricate your arsenal of vape gear is, your battery is unequivocally the most important component. Dead batteries mean no more vaping until you regroup and recharge. So, what is the best battery strategy?

Don’t worry. Most vapers agree wholeheartedly on battery management strategy. There is little or no debate. Just consider the following:

1) When in Rome, do as the experienced vapers do Having a spare battery or a G6 (cig-a-like with USB charger) is highly suggested in order to continue vaping while waiting for your other device to fully charge.
2) Bye-bye “mod purgatory” Removable batteries are especially convenient. All you have to do is swap out the dead battery for a new one, and voilà, you never skip a beat!
3) That’s FASTastic! Standalone chargers tend to recharge your battery in a more timely fashion. If you have the option, always charge your mod ON the charger verses IN the mod.
4) It fell off the back of a truck Avoid cheap batteries/chargers and ONLY purchase from trusted vendors. Counterfeit components may lead to malfunction and/or damage your setup.

The Utmost Quality and Care

Keep in mind, the type of e-cig charger you use— the kind built into your device, standalone, or wall –is not as important as making sure the charger is properly matched to your battery to avoid potentially dangerous accidents.

Lithium-ion batteries hold enormous amounts of energy, and when charged improperly can enter “thermal runaway” which, once started, is unstoppable. The batteries continue heating till they burst, melt, or catch fire.

Just like not smoking a cigarette while you’re filling your car with gas, these dangers can be avoided easily by exercising common sense. Buy great quality batteries as well as the best e-cigarettes. Buying good quality is very important.

Sorry, but this “debate” was over before it began. The rules of thumb most vapers seem to go by without question are:

Have spare, charged batteries on hand so you can enjoy vaping uninterrupted by battery failure.
Make sure your preferred make and model charger– built-in, standalone, or wall–is compatible with the vaping battery you’re charging.

We would love to hear from you. What kind of battery management plan do you follow? Do you use an external charger, and if so, what kind and why?

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs, LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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