How to Avoid a Dry Hit

How to Avoid a Dry Hit

Imagine that much anticipated e-liquid you’ve been waiting over a week to receive; you’re certain it’s going to be your new all-day vape. Full of angst and excitement, it finally arrives. You tear the packaging apart, and the shiny 30 ml bottle of e-liquid so elegantly stands before you begging to be vaped. Equipped with a brand-spanking new coil, you unscrew the cap, fill your tank, place the drip tip in your mouth, and let ‘er rip! In a matter of seconds, jubilation shifts to outrage as you realize this is clearly not what you ordered! Comparable to possessing a faulty Xbox that won’t turn on; you just got a dry hit. Oh, the humanity!

Although nowhere near a life or death situation, there are very few experiences in vaping worse than a dry hit. Not to worry, there are surefire ways to avoid such travesties. However, in order to understand how to avoid dry hits, we first must clarify what causes them. Let’s examine the variety of sources behind the dreaded dry hit:

O’Coil Rules
Think about when the last time you changed your coil was. Are you lagging? The average coil-life ranges from 1 – 2 weeks. Various elements, such as frequency of usage, power settings, and even the ingredients found in your e-liquids, all play a vital part of the lifespan of your coil. Sooner or later, you will have to throw your coil away.

However, don’t dispose of your coils just yet, because there are several other factors that can lead to dry hits.

See the Tank Half-Full

Often times, newcomers to vaping don’t understand how much e-liquid their tanks need in order to operate properly. One of the most common cases of dry hits occur when a vaper uses a nearly empty or barren tank. The solution however is easy: just fill up the tank with an appropriate amount of e-liquid–not too much though, as you don’t want it to flood.

Stop, Saturate and Listen

In today’s society, instant gratification rules. When we want something, we want it now! However, when it comes to that new flavor you’ve read rave reviews about, sometimes it’s best to wait. Yeah, you’re eager to vape it as soon as it hits your tank, but if you fail to first prime your coil so the cotton can absorb the e-liquid, prepare to experience a dry hit.

Make sure to give your device a 5-minute break before using to ensure the coil is saturated with your e-liquid. Due to its thicker composition, allow e-liquids containing high amounts of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) to sit a bit longer before vaping.

No Need to go H.A.M.
In order to experience extreme throat hits or optimal flavor, users known as Power-vapers, push their devices to the limit to attain maximum wattage. Power-vapers are in constant pursuit seeking the most intense vaping experience possible. While they may achieve excellent results from time to time, it’s best to ease up a bit.

The reality is, not all e-liquids and vaping devices are designed to support substantial amounts of power. Sometimes, the atomizer heats up so quickly that it gives the e-liquid little to no time to saturate the coil when vaporized. To solve this, all you have to do is lower your wattage/voltage settings, adjust to a suitable power level and you’re good to go. After all, e-cigarettes are not hookahs. Inhaling like it’s your last breath ever or unleashing “vape rage”, is absolutely unnecessary. Remember to take it easy and avoid regularly long-holding your device’s firing button for extensive periods of time.

Excessive Chain Vaping = No Bueno
Rapidly taking puffs in succession, also known as chain vaping, is never a good idea. Not only can chain vaping result in nasty dry hits, but it’s rather difficult to truly enjoy your vaping experience when you leave yourself no time to savor the flavor. Here’s some advice…SLOW DOWN! Give your vape a break. Wait a few moments between each puff, and if the dry hits still persist, put your device down for a couple of minutes and try again.

Airflow You Didn’t!
As the vaping industry has evolved, we have seen a wave of innovative, feature-rich devices hit the market. Equipped with options like adjustable airflow that allow you to control airflow of the vapor are now standard for sub-ohm tanks. While cutting-edge capabilities are great, if mismanaged, can produce unfavorable results. For example, repeatedly vaping with the tank’s airholes entirely open can cause the coil’s wick to dry out. If you encounter this issue, try readjusting or covering some of the airholes.

Your vape can be your best friend or your worst enemy. For the most enjoyable experience, it’s imperative to properly care for and be cognizant of what your device is trying to tell you. If you’re routinely encountering dry hits, use the above information to help find a solution. Chances are you’re a few minor adjustments away from a perfectly operating unit. However, if the issues still persist, then it might be time to call it a day!

Have you ever experienced dry hits, and if so, how did you find a resolution? Let us know in the comments section below, and help your fellow vapers defeat the horror of dry hits.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs, LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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