A to Z Vaping Terms Part 2: Intermediate Guide

A to Z Vaping Terms Part 2: Intermediate Guide

So, you’ve been vaping for some time now and you finally understand how your atomizer works. You’ve discovered your favorite e-liquid flavors, and you’ve almost out grown your starter kit. You no longer need to reference our beginner’s guide to vaping, which means you’re officially considered an intermediate vaper. Congratulations!

Here are some terms that will help you as you continue to advance your vaping skills.

Box mod

Essentially, a box mod is a powerful battery for advanced electronic cigarettes. It has various function controls such as temperature control, voltage output/input, larger hits and longer battery life.


The vapor exhaled after taking a drag on an e-cigarette.


Someone who actively seeks to expel huge clouds of vapor. Cloud-chasing is also referred to as stunt vaping, in which the goal for vapers is to blow the largest vapor clouds.


The act of breathing in vapor from an e-cigarette by inhaling on the mouthpiece.

Light-emitting diode (LED)

The glowing light at the end of many e-cigarettes. It indicates that the cigarette is on and can convey other information, including battery charge level.

Lithium ion batteries (li-on)

Most common type of rechargeable battery found in e-cigarettes.

Lung inhale, lung hit (LI)

Inhale that draws vapor quickly into the lungs.


An e-cigarette that is smaller than the average size. A mini is generally the size of a regular analog cigarette.

Mouth to lung inhale (MTL)

Vapor is gathered in your mouth first, then inhaled into your lungs.

Nic juice

Alternate name for e-liquid containing nicotine.

Pen style, eGo-style

A popular style of e-cigarettes. Resembles a pen.

Portable charging case (PCC)

A carrying case that facilitates the charging of an e-cigarette or vaporizer while away from a traditional source.

PG-VG ratio

The amount of vegetable glycerin versus propylene glycol found in an e-liquid. Common ratios include: 50-50, 60-40, 70-30, 80-20, and 90-10 vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol.

Familiarize yourself with these intermediate vaper terms and you’ll be on your way to becoming an advanced Halo vaper.


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