6 Legendary St. Patrick’s Day Party Destinations

6 Legendary St. Patrick’s Day Party Destinations

You’ve got to love St. Patrick’s Day for its consistency, among many other reasons. It’s not one of those “Fourth Thursday in …” or “First Sunday in …” kind of holidays. Like Cinco de Mayo, it’s the same day every year. If you can’t remember March 17 then you probably started the party too early.

Another reliable aspect of St. Patrick’s Day is that it’s always a great time. Here are a few of our picks for places to enjoy your own celebrations this year.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is home not only to lovable dirty water, but to the biggest Irish-American population in the U.S., so you know they’re going to throw a massive St. Patrick’s Day bash every year. While not the biggest celebration — that honor belongs to The Big Apple — it’s considered one of the best, with a spectacular parade, a week’s worth of concerts, a film festival, kilted revelers, bagpipes aplenty, and more. A “wicked pissah,” in the local tongue.

New York, New York

It’s not quite New Year’s Eve, but it’s crazier than Manhattan rush hour traffic. Suffice it to say, with around 2 million attendees each year, New York City’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and celebration is THE big one. But then again, it’s New York, so it’s bound to be big. Cuisine suggestion: Take a raincheck on the towering corned beef sandwiches and just grab a few of those huge pizza slices for which the city’s known.

Chicago, Illinois

Don’t be alarmed — that green stuff in the Chicago River isn’t toxic waste. Most likely. The city has been dyeing the river green at St. Patrick’s Day since the early ‘60s. You can watch it happen, then enjoy the parade, the food, and all the culture the Windy City has to offer. (Note: Ferris Bueller may or may not lead the parade. It depends on how he’s feeling that day.)

Savannah, Georgia

You might not expect the American South to be home to one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, but you’d be wrong. Georgia really does the party up right. (There’s even a Dublin, Georgia!) With its stately homes and plentiful oak trees, Savannah might be the most beautiful place ever to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Props to Savannah for always holding their parade on March 17 instead of the nearest convenient weekend!

San Diego, California

Lest you think we’ve neglected the West, we’d love to suggest San Diego as a top destination for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the Left Coast. The city known for its moderate climate year-round also boasts the biggest parade west of the Mississippi River. After the parade, float on over to Balboa Park for food, live music, traditional Irish step dancing, and of course, beer.

Dublin, Ireland

“What?” you say. “It must cost a fortune to attend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin!” Because March weather can be cold and rainy,* it’s not the most popular time to travel to Ireland — that would be summer, or “high season.” Travel is more affordable in March, and while Dublin hasn’t always made a big deal about St. Patrick’s Day celebrations (which really took off big in America), the hospitable Irish would hate to disappoint the tourists. So there’s a wonderful parade, a carnival, and lots more going on in the city. Of course, Dublin is where Guinness comes from, so a Guinness Storehouse tour with a pint after is a must!

*For the record, Dublin weather was cool and comfy when this writer visited Dublin for St. Pat’s.

You drink green. You wear green. Sometimes drinking green even leads to wearing green, even if your clothes started out a different color. No matter how or where you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, have fun, be safe, and take it easy on the pinching.

How do you feel about St. Patrick’s Day this year? React below!

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