5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Coil

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Coil

You already know to change your coils to avoid ghost flavors, but are you aware you should also change them for performance reasons? If the flavor is lacking or you’re not getting the same density of vapor, it’s time to replace the coils with new ones.

Why Should You Change Your Coils?

The main reason you need to replace your coils is because they get gunked-up over time. Areas with build-up will not heat quickly and may have trouble vaporizing the E-liquid evenly, resulting in muted flavor and less vapor production. While you can’t expect your coils to last forever, there are ways you can extend their lives:

1. Add More PG

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) can affect how fast E-liquid residue builds-up on the coils. VG is much thicker than PG and is not as easily soaked up by the wick, requiring higher wattage to vaporize and causing build-up to form on the coils faster; on the other hand, PG has a much lower viscosity than VG, allowing it to easily soak into the wick and vaporize more quickly.

2. Use Less Sweetener

Another common culprit of coil build-up is the sweeteners in the E-liquid. At temperatures used to vaporize E-liquid, the sucralose, Ethyl maltol and other liquid sweeteners used in E-liquids will caramelize and add grime to the coils and wick.

3. Turn Down the Heat

If the wattage of your device is too high for the wick and coil, it can burn parts of the E-liquid instead of vaporizing it. When E-liquid burns, it can create a layer of crust on your coils that will further reduce its performance.

4. Feed the Coil

If you let the E-liquid get too low, your wick will dry out and burn, which ultimately will ruin the taste of every E-liquid thereafter, necessitating a new coil.

5. Keep it Clean

Soaking your coil in vodka or 151-grain alcohol for a few minutes to an hour is an ideal way to clean your wick. After soaking, rinse it out with hot water and let it dry for 2–3 days. If you have backup coils, you can simply swap them out as you wait for the other coils to dry and become usable again.

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