5 Tips to Avoid Destroying Your Equipment

We’re only human, and we often find ourselves in situations where we may take some things for granted. It’s in our DNA; we get excited about a new purchase, take great care of it and, in an instant, we magically forget and neglect it. Vapers are not an exception and you might have already made some mistakes with your equipment that you will want to avoid next time.

Here are the five most common mistakes we vapers make and how we can fix them.

Extend Your Battery Life

How many times have you purchased a battery hoping that this time it will last longer than your old one? We know. Every vaper knows. In general, batteries are one of the most disposed of e-cigarette parts. So, the only thing you have to do is take care of them and show them some respect.

First of all, only use batteries and chargers produced by reputable manufacturers. You will also want to make sure the battery charger doesn’t exceed the charging rating amperage on the battery. Another common mistake that has to do with batteries is overcharging them. When you are 100% sure that your battery is fully charged, make sure you disconnect it from your charger. When not in use, store batteries in a dry, cool place and, if you own more than one, make sure you use each one at least once a week.

Don’t Vape Like a Maniac

Be careful of the way you vape. Seriously. One of the most common reasons an e-cigarette may not last is due to misuse.

If you are taking short and fast puffs, one after another, you may destroy the device’s coil. The same thing may happen if you continue to chain vape, so you should make sure to give your e-cigarette a break after five to eight puffs. This practice will also help you avoid disastrous dry hits and vaper’s tongue, but please note, dry hits may occur if you inhale too much allowing huge amounts of air to go through your coil and dry it out.

Water Is Your E-Cig’s Enemy

Don’t forget that e-cigarettes are electronic devices –yes, in case you failed to notice, “e” stands for “electronic”. So, just like any electronic device, e-cigarettes must stay away from water and moisture, unless you want to completely destroy your equipment.

If you believe it’s time for you to clean it, make sure you just use a dry cotton swab or something similar to wipe it down and help extend its life. Yes, apart from water, dust and dirt is an e-cig’s enemy as well. For more information about that, just keep reading!

How Clean is Your E-Cigarette?

There are certain times of year that many people set out to clean household items. Spring cleaning is a great example. If you have some sort of routine cleaning schedule you adhere to, don’t forget to include your e-cigarette.

If you want to keep your equipment in perfect condition, you should make sure to treat it like an item you love. After all, who wants to see their favorite items filled with dust and filth? Dried e-liquid in the cartomizer or a tank tends to create a layer of filth on its walls and the gasket between it and the battery. Using a dirty device to vape will most likely give you a bad taste and low battery life. And we’re sure you don’t want either one.

Fill Your Tanks!

We know. This one sounds like some advice taken out of a “Vaping 101” guide, but, sometimes, even the simplest tip can make a difference. We’re sure you have forgotten to fill your tank at least once in your vaping years, and you may have ended up with a burnt, ugly taste.

If you try to vape without any e-liquid in the cartomizer or tank, you will most likely get this bad, burnt taste because your wick has no liquid absorbed to vape and it actually burns itself. If this happens, refill your tank. If you keep getting this wicked taste, there is not much left to do except to replace your coil, and if that doesn’t work, you may need to replace your tank.

So, in your experience, what is the most common mistake you’ve found –or still find— yourself doing? Let us know in the comments below! What tips do you have for protecting your vaping equipment?

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs, LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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