5 Ways to Cool Off with your Vape

5 Ways to Cool Off with your Vape

Whether you’re an individual who basks in the sweltering summer heat or you prefer the comforting chill of air-conditioning, there’s one thing we can all agree on; it’s nice to cool off once in a while with a relaxing vape. If you’re looking for ways to stay cool from the blistering sun this summer, here are some fresh ideas.

Pair E-Liquids with Refreshing Summer Drinks

Sit back, unwind and vape away with a thirst-quenching summer beverage. If you’re in the mood for an alcoholic drink, a margarita, Tequila Sunrise, martini, or even an ice-cold beer are all excellent options to complement your e-liquid. On the non-alcoholic side, a few tasty choices to consider are lemonade, iced tea, or any type of fruit smoothie.

Summer drinks usually pair well with robust and bold flavored e-juices. For example, a full-bodied tobacco blend like Cordoba, goes great with a martini. Although it really depends on personal preference, some other popular flavors that will satisfy your taste buds when vaped with summer beverages are caramel, cocoa, coffee, and mint.

Vape with Invigorating Flavors

Great news! You don’t need a drink in hand to feel refreshed. One of the many advantages of vaping is the abundance of refreshing flavors to choose from. We know for the indecisive vaper this can be overwhelming, so think about what you enjoy eating on a hot summer day. Watermelon, grapes, and juicy peaches are all celebrated foods which are also mouthwatering flavors you can find in your e-juice. If you’re looking to cool off and crave something a bit different, menthol, lime, and Piña Colada flavored e-liquids will most definitely do the trick.

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

Some vapers like taking straight-to-lung (STL) hits, and others prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL). STL vaping typically requires higher wattage to get a satisfying vape, which results in a warmer vapor. MTL requires a tighter draw and lower wattage to prevent burning the wick in your coils. Lower wattage and higher airflow makes the vape much cooler, which can be more pleasurable on a hot summer day.

Go Fishing

One of the most popular summer pastimes is fishing. Dawn and early morning tend to be the most quiet and relaxing times to cool down next to the water. Combined with fishing, vaping can be incredibly soothing. You may even forget about catching a fish as you cool off by the water with your vape in hand! Remember, not all parks allow vaping, so be cautious of the park rules. In addition, make sure your device doesn’t come in direct contact with the water as it can cause significant damage.

Visit a Vape Lounge

Why go outside in the extreme heat when you can stay indoors with the nice cool air conditioning? Staying home can be boring, so instead, get some friends together and hit up your local vape lounge. You can trade flavors, build coils, talk vaping, and enjoy the company of your fellow vapers.

Stay Cool…My Friends

As the dog days of summer quickly approach, you don’t have to let the blistering temperatures put a damper on your fun. Just follow our tips to cool off with your vape and brace yourself for an action-packed summer!

We would love to hear about some of your favorite activities for vaping and staying cool during the summer. Let us know in the comment’s section.


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