5 Tips to Vape in Style

5 Tips to Vape in Style

“Does this mod go with my outfit?”– asked no vaper ever! Or… at least we think. Out of the long list of reasons to vape, we can only assume that fashion does not make the cut. However, with the rising popularity of the compelling smoking alternative, vape culture has been placed under the microscope for all to judge. The fact of the matter is, unless you’re acting reckless or practicing poor etiquette (which of course we don’t condone), vapers should be proud, and celebrate the hobby/lifestyle. After all, we live in America! You know….the land of the free and home of the VAPE? More and more people are picking up vaping every day, including some of the world’s most talented stars.

Whether making a cameo on the runways of New York Fashion Week or gracing the red carpet in the grasp of A-list celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry and John Cusack, the correlation between style and vaping can no longer be denied. Unfortunately, there’s only one Leo, Katy and John, but our five style tips will have you feeling like vape royalty!

Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.
Can you guess what the first rule of style is? No matter what you do or what you vape in this case, radiating an aura of confidence is a requisite to vaping in style.

We’ve all heard the expression, “dance like nobody’s watching,” which basically means to let go of all inhibitions when “cutting a rug” on the dance floor, regardless of one’s surroundings. In the case of vaping, because of its invasive tendencies, we definitely recommend adopting the air of vaping like nobody’s watching, but in a literal sense, we must be conscious of who is in fact watching — in other words, vape naturally. Refrain from showing off your cloud chasing skills in public, because nobody wants a massive vapor cloud in their face. There’s no need to be the stereotypical vaper the media loves to portray. Instead, channel your inner Leo, Katy or Cusack. If you’re feeling extra devious, in a political scandal kind of way, then by all means, dare to vape like Frank Underwood!

A simple addition of a belt, necklace, fedora, etc. to your daily wardrobe can completely transform an otherwise plain outfit into a trendy statement. The same can be true with your vaping device. However, the secret is to find a happy medium of style and functionality.

A wide variety of carrying cases, carrying necklaces, battery covers (skins), cartomizer covers, vape bands, drip tips, stickers, tanks, and batteries that come in an assortment of color combinations, as well as a number of other gadgets, are readily available to spruce up your experience. What better way to express your individuality and style than accessorizing your vape? Since everyone has their own preference and comfort level, there really isn’t a definitive guideline. Although, we can only assume, over the top, gaudy accessories that take obnoxious to a whole different level may not generate the positive response you’re looking for.

Diversify Your Repertoire
You don’t always need the “biggest and baddest” device around to be stylish. Instead, we suggest choosing a device suitable for the occasion, just like our good friend Leonardo DiCaprio. He chose the convenience and sleekness of a vape pen, perfect for large-scale and prominent events such as the Oscars. On the other hand, Leo was photographed with a more elaborate setup while enjoying the company of supermodels on his friend’s yacht.

We realize not everyone has the luxury of affording multiple vaporizers for every night on the town — you can always spice it up a little bit and add the illusion of parody, by connecting different colors of batteries and tanks as we just covered in the accessories section.

Educate Yourself
What makes Ann Wintour stylish –except for her amazing outfits or the way she chooses to wear a simple dress? Her fashion awareness. The fact she is a styling guru, a powerful fashion resource. How do you expect people to think of you as a stylish vaper when you know nothing or just the basics about vaping?

Truly understand the way vaping works, learn everything about mods, atomizers, e-cigs. Become a “vape guru,” the person people will want to seek for everything vape-related, and, boom, you are both a stylish and a sophisticated vaper.

If All Else Fails, Sometimes Less Is More
It’s important to note that in no way are we attempting to change your personality or vape routine, but rather offering suggestions to enhance your appeal. Never act on something if it doesn’t feel right. If all else fails, just be yourself. You can always keep it simple and rock the classics. A black vape pen, G6, or mod accompanied by a friendly smile is perfectly acceptable. For those vapers who want to step up their game, we hope you found our style tips useful. Don’t forget us when you’re strolling down the red carpet with a vape in hand.

So, what piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to become the next vape fashion icon? Let us know in the comments below and we might include it in a future post.


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