5 Tips for Dating Vapers

5 Tips for Dating Vapers

Vaping has become more mainstream than ever, so if you’re trying your hand at online dating or the victim of matchmaking, you may find yourself out on a date with someone who vapes. Like any hobby, there are some eccentricities you’ll likely encounter and hopefully learn to love, and with your showing of respect, he or she will likely return the affection. So, without further ado, here are our tips to help you embrace the vape.

1) Look for the positives

From playing too many video games to excessive shopping, it’s easy to turn someone’s indulgence into our annoyance, but try to focus on the positives. For one, vapor doesn’t stink. It doesn’t leave behind stale and unpleasant lingering odors in clothes. In fact, you may come to actually enjoy the sweet aroma from the fruity, candy-like flavors. Vapor also doesn’t stain, and it won’t leave their place’s fixtures and walls awash in a yellow hue.

2) Show support for the hobby

Vapers love talking about their hardware and settings, the E-juices they love and the ones they are trying as well as the E-cigarette industry as a whole. They have a lot to share if you know the right questions to ask, so study up on the subject. Even if you don’t partake in the vape, it could become a new interest you both share.

You can also show your support by taking the date to a vape show or newly opened stores. These outings can be fun and informational, and you’ll likely meet some interesting fellow vapers. The community is a genial bunch, so you both may walk away with new friends.

3) Accept the clutter

Vapers can seem like pack rats, but the fact is, the vaping hobby takes up space. They may have one tank here and another there. They probably have at least three or four bottles of E-liquids dispersed across their place. Of course, they may have a whole drawer or shelf earmarked for what they have come to love about vaping—and maybe some things they ironically hate.

This is where you will find their all-day vapes, that flavor they consistently vape, and their terrible flavor decisions laid to rest but kept on hand for no particular reason. You’ll likely find some new components next to the first E-cigarette purchased and long forgotten. Old and new batteries may lie side by side, with dusty chargers just nearby. They’ll look all the same to you, but they will know which batteries are good to use and which ones could really be thrown out. If goaded, they likely have a story behind each item stored. This should bring you back to point number two.

4) Respect the liquid gold

They may share their flavors with fellow aficionados like it’s no big deal, but vapers put a lot of value in their E-liquid and E-cigarettes. If they’re missing their favorite juice, they know it. And if their all-day vape is misplaced, they may refuse to go anywhere until they find it. Put it up there with walking out of the house without your cellphone; it can be that serious.

5) Keep the power even

Don’t be surprised to find a device or battery for every wall outlet. Battery power is precious, and one cannot simply leave the house half-charged. It’s best to mark which outlets you can count on and avoid a fight for the plug point.

Of course, don’t forget that, as in any relationship, it works both ways.

Do you agree with our tips or have some of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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