E-Juices To Reset your Palate

E-Juices To Reset your Palate

Nearly all vapers will experience the strange phenomenon of “flavor fatigue.” We’ve talked about it before, but to give you a quick refresher, flavor fatigue is when you can no longer taste certain flavors due to your olfactory senses becoming adapted to them. For example, if you constantly vape watermelon e-juice, your olfactory system will become so accustomed to that flavor that it will not allow you to get the full mouthwatering flavor that it once did.

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to reset your palate is to replace your “all day vape (ADV)” with different and unique flavors that you don’t typically use.

Tropical Fruit Flavors

Tropical flavors like mango and guava are so completely different than typical fruits flavors that they work great for resetting your palate. Both flavors are also quite intense and are so unique that some people don’t like them. But if you’re one of those people who loves those fruits, give these flavors a try.

Aromatic Spices

You wouldn’t believe how enjoyable a spiced flavor is until you’ve tried it. Look for unique flavors that tend to have a little kick. They might not be an all-day vape for most people, but they can be enjoyable on occasion and are sure to cleanse your palate.

Mints and Menthols

Unless the taste of mint or menthol is the cause of your flavor fatigue, they can be great for resetting your palate. These flavors are super strong and flavorful and can shock your senses back to normal. Many people even find that while they don’t enjoy mint  flavors in food, they love the flavor in the form of e-juice.


Blackberries are unique in that they aren’t sweet like other types of berries. They tend to have a neutral taste – not exactly sweet and not exactly tart, but still delicious. A mixed berry flavored e-juice is not overwhelming like others, which is great for giving your palate a little break from the intense flavors you might be used to.

Coffee Flavors

Coffee beans are often used at perfume counters to reset the olfactory senses of customers sampling different fragrances. This is because coffee beans have such a strong aromatic smell that it resets the senses and allows you to smell to your full potential. A coffee-flavored e-juice just might be what you need to reset your senses. Coffee flavors are also great in the morning and have a lot of potential to make it into your regular rotation.

A Palate Cleansing E-Juice Just Might Be Your Next “ADV”

Many vapers stick to their tried-and-true favorites, but if flavor fatigue sets in, that flavor isn’t so special anymore. Renew your love for your all-day vape by trying new and interesting flavors that you never thought you’d like. You might find that there are many different flavors that you enjoy and have been missing out on all this time.


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