26 Ways You Know You’re a Vaper

26 Ways You Know You’re a Vaper

Maybe you can’t pinpoint the exact moment that it happened, and maybe you weren’t expecting it to happen to you at all, but it did: You became a vaper. If you’re still unsure, here is our list of 26 ways you know you’re a vaper.

You know you’re a vaper when …

1. Your food pantry has an e-liquid shelf.
2. Your phone and tablet are dead, but your e-cigarette is fully charged.
3. You have the USPS, UPS or FedEx app on your phone.
4. You order a new mod that fits just right in your car’s door slot. #dontjudge
5. You’ve participated in an impromptu cloud competition at a stop light with the car next to you.
6. You see a flashlight and think, I could vape that!
7. You plan for vape gear when thinking of your monthly budget.
8. You start to think safari vests make sense for the pockets alone.
9. You bought a tackle box, but you don’t fish.
10. You have a six-slot battery charger.
11. You have an assortment of e-juice but panic because you’re almost out of a particular one.
12. You know what “RBA” stands for.
13. You consume paper towels at an astounding rate.
14. You have a slew of empty glass bottles that can be repurposed for something, but it just hasn’t come to you yet.
15. You have no room for magazines on your coffee table.
16. You can pronounce diacetyl (di-a-ce-tyl).
17. You can spell propylene glycol.
18. You have more drip tips than things to put them on.
19. You are now excited to check the mail.
20. You know what Ohm’s law is, but it still isn’t clear why your home has circuit breakers.
21. You have a sales pitch ready when people ask you about vaping, but you don’t work in a vape shop.
22. You don’t chew gum anymore because it ruins the taste of your e-juice.
23. You use every single square inch of a paper towel before getting a new one.
24. You always have trouble finding an unoccupied wall outlet.
25. You meticulously prepare all your tanks before you go to bed so you can wake up and vape.
26. You’ll turn the car around when you leave your vape essentials at home, but for everything else, “there’s not enough time.”

If this affirms your vape card, now check out the 12 Signs You’re a Hardcore Vaper.

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  • Heather Bloomer

    Brilliant post Sara. I was shaking my head yes through the whole list!

    • Halo BlogMATTster

      Thanks Heather! We appreciate your feedback and glad you identify. We’d love the list to keep on growing, so if you have any fun ones, feel free to post!

  • Carol P.

    Great list, Sara! I especially identified with #14! I’ve been vaping Halo e-liquid since around 2010 and only just recently finally put all those pretty blue bottles that I had been saving for years into the recycle container for the monthly recycle pickup! I had been saving them all this time for that potential creative idea that I was hoping to come up with to put them to good use… but, alas, I finally gave up!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Carol! If you decide to take another stab at it, we would love to see what you create!

    • Halo BlogMATTster

      Thank you so much for sharing Carol! If you decide to take another stab at it, we would love to see what you create!