12 Signs You’re a Hardcore Vaper

12 Signs You’re a Hardcore Vaper

Vapers are passionate people. Even if you’ve only started researching e-cigs and vaping products you’ve probably learned this fact. I mean, have you read any e-cigarette message boards lately? Vapers take their devices, products, and techniques seriously.

But there’s a difference between embracing vaping as a hobby and embodying vaping as a lifestyle. Hard-core vapers don’t just vape for fun. They live for it. They talk about it. They blog about it, and plan their life around it—which, is great! Hardcore vapers are the ones who drive innovation in the industry and generally make vaping better for everyone. Think you’re one of them? See how many of these hardcore signs ring true for you:

Your E-Cig is ALWAYS with You

No cell phone? No problem. Forgot your credit card? No big deal. No vape pen for a five-minute trip to the convenience store? Panic sets in and you return home immediately. Nothing says hardcore vaper like separation anxiety. Give yourself bonus points if you’ve bought a lanyard to keep your e-cig right where it belongs: close to your heart.

Your E-Cig has a Name

Of course all e-cigarettes come with a brand name, such as Triton, G6, etc. But, if you’ve taken to calling your e-cig “Bubba,” “Vapy,” or “The Cloud Monster,” you’ve likely transitioned from e-cigarette dabbler to hardcore vaper.

You Talk About E-Liquid like Wine

Are you better at describing vape juice than a Napa Valley native describing the latest Shiraz? You’re definitely a serious vaper if you’ve ever said something like: “This new e-liquid flavor has a faint hazelnut undernote, a strong cocoa taste on the draw, and a distinct sweetness on the exhale.”

People Mistake Your E-Liquid Smell for a New Perfume/Cologne

You passed a milestone on your way to hardcore vaperdom if people start mistaking the smell of your favorite e-liquid with a new body spray. Ever heard something like, “Ooh, I just love that perfume you’re wearing” after vaping something delicious like Halo Malibu or Halo Midnight Apple?

You’ve Re-Organized Your Email for E-Liquid Shipping Notices

What started with one innocent sample pack, spiraled into dozens of orders for new tobacco and gourmet e-liquid flavors. Soon, your email inbox was nothing but order confirmation notices and shipping alerts. As a seasoned, hardcore vaper, you’ve developed a well-honed filing system for tracking those emails, including separate mailbox folders, a calendar, and an Excel spreadsheet to track your inventory.

Your E-Cig is Your Favorite Fashion Accessory

It only makes sense to match your colorful e-cig batteries with your outfit. Why else would they be available in such vibrant shades? Better yet, the Triton Vape Pen Starter Kit allows you to mix and match the color of the e-liquid tank with the color of your battery!

You Purposely Book Connecting Flights

Maybe you didn’t have to stop at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on your way from Seattle to Newark, but why not when you can vape inside the terminal?! Hardcore vapers likely know all the other e-cigarette friendly airports: McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas), Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Dulles International Airport, Miami International Airport, and Tampa International Airport.

OMG now means 0 mg

You’ve scoured so many online e-liquid retailers that your brain is completely at ease processing nicotine milligram amounts. Although, now, anytime someone responds to a Facebook post or text message with OMG, your brain automatically thinks ‘zero milligrams of nicotine’. “Kim Kardashian’s hair is platinum now, OMG!” No, I think that’s an 18 mg comment.

You’ve Bought a Man Purse

You’re not the only one. Rest assured that many male vaping enthusiasts have solved the “where do I store my extra batteries, e-liquid, or cartomizers” problem by purchasing a man purse. Most female e-cigarette users don’t have to contend with this issue, but they may have progressed from a cute clutch to spacious tote. After all, you just never know when you’ll want to change flavors or when you might get stuck in a traffic jam. You need all the back-ups you can get!

You Joined a Vaping Club

Who else is going to be impressed with your massive vape-cloud creations or your exotic array of e-liquids? Vaping clubs are a growing trend in retail shops across the country and many allow enthusiasts to sample and experiment with new devices and e-liquids. They’re basically an outlet for hardcore vapers to just be themselves.

You’ve Tried to Vape a Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens, markers, pencils, they’re all just too similar to the shape of your beloved e-cig. No wonder you keep finding yourself sucking on the end of a Bic pen at work. Blame it on your hardcore vaping muscle memory.

You Click on a Post called “12 Signs You’re a Hardcore Vaper”

You’ve suspected all along that you’re a hardcore vaper, but you were compelled to check out this post to know for sure. Not only did most of the items on this list resonate with you – but you noticed that some telltale signs of hardcore vaping were (gasp!) missing! Share your personal hardcore vaping signs in the comments below.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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