10 Things You Missed at Coachella 2017

10 Things You Missed at Coachella 2017

WOW! Coachella never fails to deliver some truly unforgettable moments — sometimes a few regrettable ones, too — and this year was no exception. If you didn’t attend, were waiting in line for the restroom while some of the highlights went down, or just didn’t wander beyond the main stages, here’s a little recap:

Lady Gaga’s New Song

Despite releasing an entire new album late last year, Lady Gaga dropped a new song, “The Cure,” on the crowd, and they ate it up. And soon so did the rest of the world, as the song went to the top of the charts everywhere within hours.

Radiohead Rising From the Ashes

Opening night headliners Radiohead left the stage not once but twice due to sound problems, marring some of their best tracks. Ouch. But apart from a slightly late start, their set on the second weekend went off without a trailer hitch.

Lorde’s New Song

Her new album isn’t due until June, but that didn’t stop Kiwi treasure Lorde from giving the crowd some new music in the form of “Homemade Dynamite.” Bad idea in real life, but a solid song.

Countless Cameos

Pharrell Williams with Hans Zimmer. Todd Rundgren with The Lemon Twigs. Drake with Future. The Weeknd with Nav. Lauryn Hill with DJ Snake. Michael McDonald with Thundercat. And there were many more. Simply amazing!

Hip-Hop Hitting It Big

Hip-hop has been big for a long time, but not always at Coachella. This year artists like Kendrick Lamar, Future, and Travis Scott held primo slots in the schedule. Lots of special guests, too. If you love hip-hop, this was your year.

Film Score Composer Hans Zimmer

You read that correctly — the guy who did soundtracks to some of the most popular movies in recent decades, including “Hidden Figures,” “Interstellar,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and “Gladiator” — performed at the pop/rock/hip-hop/electronica festival. With an orchestra and choir in tow. Truly something new for Coachella, and it did not disappoint.

A Great Place to Chill

With temperatures sweltering, the air-conditioned HP Antarctic Dome was a big hit among the non-musical attractions at Coachella 2017. Even the name was cool. There you could watch a mind-blowing lightshow with canned music blasting behind it while relaxing in a comfy chair. The setting? Think planetarium without the huge alien-shaped projector in the middle.

A Marshmello Man

Though the air was hot enough to roast marshmallows, that didn’t stop DJ Marshmello from delivering a blistering set in the Sahara Tent. If you haven’t seen him, you’re not alone — he performs with what looks like a white trash can over his head. The emoji face painted on the outside creates sort of a creepy effect. Note: Don’t confuse this artist with guitarist Buckethead.

The Cell Phone Thief

It wasn’t just performing artists who created a buzz this year. The 100 or so stolen cellphones found on one attendee were buzzing quite a bit as well. The perp left the festival early in a car you wouldn’t really call a limo, but he did get to ride alone in the back seat.

Celebs In the Crowd, In and Out of Cognito

Vanessa Hudgens, Kylie Jenner, Emma Roberts, Rihanna (in a crystal-studded bodysuit that sometimes covered her face), Nick Jonas, Jared Leto (under a heavy beard, surgical mask, hat, and glasses), Lena Dunham, Sylvester Stallone, and Paris Hilton were all caught on camera. And you missed them all.

If you didn’t make it to Coachella this year, now you know why you must make plans for 2018! If you were lucky enough to attend, share your highlights in the comments below.

Have a listen to some of the artists that made Coachella 2017 so amazing!

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