10 Bonnaroo 2018 Must-Sees

10 Bonnaroo 2018 Must-Sees

There are a lot of big names performing at Bonnaroo this year (Eminem, The Killers, Future, Bassnectar, Paramore, and a ton more!), but there are also some interesting activities happening away from the stages that you don’t want to miss out on. So, not only do you get to listen to great music with your friends, but the festival will also give you truly unforgettable experiences:

1. The Garage-This annual favorite is expected to be bigger and have more activities this year. The Garage will be hosting a five-hour celebration of pineapples in 2018, and even though there haven’t been many details released about this event, we’re sure it’ll be a delicious party!

2. House of Yes-Described as “the weird, wild, and wonderful night club from Brooklyn,” it will bring the Circus of Yes to one of the new barns on the campgrounds to feature diverse events and remarkable dance parties.

3. Late Night Karaoke with T-Pain-Yes, the auto-tune king! On Friday night, T-Pain will be at The Ville in Plaza 7 for a little karaoke fun. And if you and your friends are really into karaoke, The Ville will be open for late night karaoke the other nights, too.

4. The Well-You don’t want to skip The Well if you’re used to a healthy lifestyle. It’ll have everything you need, like healthy food options, exercise classes, yoga, and meditation.

5. Tonalism-You can also listen to ambient music inspired by the ‘50s and ‘60s in The Well. The music plays all night long, so bring a pillow and blanket with you to the event.

6. M&M’S Sound & Color Dome-Find M&M’S Caramel samples throughout the festival grounds and take the wrappers to the M&M’S Sound & Color Dome to trade them for free merch!

7. COMPLIMENTary Happy Hour-This will definitely boost your self-esteem! Every day at 6 p.m., go to Plaza 2 for an hour-long session of people complimenting each other.

8. The Love Shack-Savory food and tequila! You can’t go wrong with that combo. At The Love Shack, there’ll be a tequila bar and celebrity chef Tim Love will be teaching group classes on how to grill.

9. Happy Roo Day!-Matt Shultz from the band Cage the Elephant used his own vision to put together a new experience in the campgrounds with art installations and unbelievable parties.

10. Comedians-Instead of performing in just one venue, the stand-up comedians will be spread out all over the campgrounds this year. There’s so much to do at the festival, and now you don’t have to worry about missing performances from some of the best comedians because one will always be close to you!

And by the way, you CAN vape at the festival, and since Manchester, TN, the city where the festival is being held, will be in the high 80s this weekend, you may want to bring a bottle of SubZero Ultra Salt with you. It has a glacier-fresh finish that will help keep you cool while you’re having fun in the sun and a longer-lasting nicotine effect that’ll have you content all day. To help you let go of your inhibitions and just appreciate life, Freedom Juice would also be a great choice, or Malibu, to enjoy the taste of a Piña Colada while you’re at the pineapple party.

So, which of these unique events will you be sure to experience at Bonnaroo this year? Let us know in the comments below. And we want to see all your vape pictures from the festival, so tag us on Instagram @Haloecigs.

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