Money Saving Tips for Vapers

When you began vaping or started to consider life as a vaper, you were probably told vaping would save you

Webinar: Basics of Quality E-Liquid Manufacturing

There are many definitions that people use to describe quality, but it’s usually represented as the development and delivery of a product which meets

A Billion Lives Explores the Vaping Industry

A Billion Lives is a new award-winning documentary film about vaping. Directed and narrated by Aaron Biebert the film pits the vaping revolution against the corruption and politics of Big Tobacco. The film starts with the harm tobacco can do, from lung cancer to asthma and more, and then outlines the history of the tobacco industry. Their film then shifts and

Vaping Made Easy

With so many products on the market, vaping can be a daunting undertaking. Which products do you need to get started? Does everything work in the same way? How much power is enough? These are all common questions that would take much more time than we have for this article, but we can at least give you a good primer

5 Tips to Avoid Destroying Your Equipment

We’re only human, and we often find ourselves in situations where we may take some things for granted. It’s in our DNA; we get excited about a new purchase, take great care of it and, in an instant, we magically forget and neglect it. Vapers are not an exception and you might have already made some mistakes with your equipment

The Basics of Cleaning and Maintaining Your Vape

Let’s face it, vape gear doesn’t always come cheap. After spending good money on a nice new tank or mod, you want it to last. Most vape products today are durable and can last a long time, but regular maintenance can further extend its life. Let’s talk about what you can do to get the most life out of your

Halo’s Flavor Friday: Taste the Exotic

A country that spans two continents. Flavor that’s as big as both and as rich as all the cultures found within, Halo’s Turkish Tobacco will transport you to the colorful streets of Istanbul; inhaling the scents of enticing Turkish teas and coffees, hearing the centuries’ old sounds of traditional Turkish music, and of course, tasting the rich notes of the

Beyond the Cloud: A Vaping Documentary Review

The French vaping documentary, Beyond the Cloud, was released in the US via YouTube on September 28th, 2016. Directed by Ghyslain Armand and Sébastien Duijndam, the documentary looks at societal changes that have come about due to e-cigarettes. Armand, a French journalist, takes viewers into the heart of the vaping controversy; he travels to Switzerland, France and America in the

Halo’s Flavor Friday: Cold as Ice

You can’t breathe. Your throat screams for mercy but no sound escapes. You want to quit, but you can’t. You want to back off, but you take another hit. That icy blast to your lungs is SubZero. “Intense” doesn’t do it justice. With a cool mint sensation more powerful than any other Halo menthol e-liquid flavor, SubZero takes your breath