10 Bonnaroo 2018 Must-Sees

There are a lot of big names performing at Bonnaroo this year (Eminem, The Killers, Future, Bassnectar, Paramore, and a

Retailer Spotlight: The Vaping Shack of Lawrenceville, GA

Once Don realized he could quit cigarettes forever with vaping, he wanted everyone else to know. And The Vaping Shack

2018 Vaping Etiquette Guide

While many objections to vaping are based on misinformation, there are some people whose negative opinions about e-cigarettes are based on an encounter with a vaper who is being inconsiderate. This can hurt all vapers, whether they are being considerate or not. The last thing any of us wants is more vaping restrictions. With that in mind, we’ve created this

New Ways to Enjoy Vaping

The motto for this year isn’t “new year, new me,” it’s “new year, new gear.” Halo carries some new hardware, which means new ways to enjoy vaping. Whether you’ve been vaping for a while, or you recently decided to make the switch from smoking to vaping, you should read all these new ways to vape with Halo in 2018. Gusto

Vaping Hardware for Beginners

Vaping hardware novice? You’ve come to the right place! Rookie to RDTA: Know Your Vaping Devices There are a growing number of types of vaping hardware out there. And while choice is a good thing, it can also become confusing or overwhelming. This article will give you some direction as to where to get started, or where to go next,

Battery Tips for Vapers: Part 2

Let’s continue our vape battery discussion with more important tips for vapers! Getting Longer Battery Life There are many factors that determine how long your vape battery will live. For example, how far you’re draining the battery before charging it. The more you drain it, the more wear the battery suffers. Another factor to consider is if the battery is

Picks of the Season: Summer 2018

Summer Solstice is here, the longest day of the year and the end of spring. Let the 2018 summer season begin! Are you ready? As a vaper, being “ready” means having plenty of cool, refreshing, smooth e-liquid flavors on hand for the coming months. We’re here to help you with some perfect suggestions. Kick back and enjoy! Frostbite People don’t generally

Picks of the Season: Spring 2018

Now that we have survived winter and losing an hour to daylight saving time, we can look forward to all that spring has to offer. Spring cleaning, warmer weather, and beautiful flowers. Here are five of our e-liquid picks for this season to help you get into your springtime groove. Café Mocha Still feeling the chill from winter and feel

How to Pick Your Nicotine Level: A New Vaper’s Guide

In case we haven’t already made it clear, we’re here to save lives — a billion of them. That’s the current estimated number of cigarette smokers in the world. Sometimes our passion causes us to be very blunt about this mission. We make no apologies. As FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., has stated: “The overwhelming amount of the death and