WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Aspire Breeze 2 Starter Kit

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Quick Overview

The Aspire Breeze 2 is an all-in-one, portable system that was specifically designed for you to get the maximum flavor and lasting enjoyment out of nicotine salts like Halo Ultra Salts. It also easily works with all the standard Halo and eVo e-liquids, so you can still use any of those bottles you may have! Just swap out the coil with the extra coil included in the kit. The 1.0 ohm green-banded coil works best with nic salts and the 0.6 ohm white-banded coil works best with regular e-liquid.
When filled with Halo Ultra Salts, the Aspire Breeze 2 delivers a perfect throat hit that’ll remind you of the traditional cigarette experience, without the downsides!
The compact design of the Aspire Breeze 2 makes it perfect for on-the-go vaping. It comes in your choice of four eye-catching colors to suit your individual style, adding class on top of tremendous convenience.

The Aspire Breeze 2 kit includes:

  • 1x Aspire Breeze 2
  • 1x 1.0-Ohm Coil (Install when using nic salts)
  • 1x 0.6-Ohm Coil (Install when using regular e-liquid)
  • 4x Extra O-Rings
  • 1x Silicone Seal
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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More About the Aspire Breeze 2
  • 1000mAh
  • Rechargeable Via USB
  • Direct Voltage Output

  • 3.0ml Capacity
  • Enhanced Top-Fill Design
  • Easily Refilled
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 1.0-Ohm Coil (Install when using nic salts)
  • 0.6-Ohm Coil (Install when using regular e-liquid)

  • Compact Design
  • 19mm x 35mm x 96mm
  • Pocket-Sized
  • Sturdy Aluminum Allow Construction

  • Dual Firing Activation
  • Versatile Protective Cap
  • Functions as Access Coil and Drip Tip
  • LED Charge Indicator

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  1. Absolutely outstanding review by christopher

    I had been using a vape pen but was getting tired of dealing with its issues. For one, the canisters were always prone to leakage. After a day or two of installing a new canister or wick, I would have to regularly dab with a tissue to get a proper vaporization, and clean with alchohol when I could. More importantly, I would have difficulty finding the sweet spot for flavor and dryness of hit even with adjustable voltage. I would have to choose between it being harsh, hot and burnt tasting, or having flavor in a hit that was far too wet. My lips were constantly chapped, I had headaches, and even occasionally blurry vision. This was because a wet hit is putting trace amounts of eliquid on my lips and inside my mouth which is downright unhealthy. If you see condensation in the mouthpiece of your device then this is happening. I read up on nic salts and decided to try the Aspire Breeze 2 with Tribeca salts. What a difference! This device is damn near perfect. By using it with salts you get a more efficient nicotine delivery causing a number of different results. You get a nice, dry hit with no adjustments needed, period. You will vape less frequently, meaning no more refilling or charging on the go, as long as you plan accordingly. You get more mileage out of your liquid. Instead of refilling my tank one or two times a day, I'm refilling every three or four days. No leakage whatsoever, and more importantly, no more numb or burning lips or other side effects. A few good puffs and I actually get a little head buzz like when I smoked and I just put it down for an hour. The device is twice as wide as your average pen, but half the height, so it can easily go in a shirt pocket unlike a pen. There are only a few things I would change. It has a light feature to let you know your charge status. Blue and orange for full, blue for half, and orange for low. First of all, shouldn't full and half be switched? Second, these lights showing through your tank is novel, but between the liquid and the smoke colored tank it isn't really useful. You can easily pop out the tank and press the fire button to check your charge, but these lights could just be on the side of the device, or encircle the button. Lastly, the cap just stays on with friction. Little divots and detents would really help keeps the cap on. However, in all aspects that matter as far as functionality and performance the Breeze 2 is flawless. I really cannot recommend it and salts highly enough. After six years of vaping it is the best I have found. If for some reason pretending you're a dragon and producing massive clouds is your top priority, then this probably isn't for you. However, for those looking for results in your experience that actually matter, you won't be disappointed.

  2. It's not just for noobs. review by Scott

    Just so folks will know my baseline in vaping. I do love my box mods and Prince 12 tanks, Baby Beasts and drippers. That said. A few years ago, I was using the Aspire Nautilus tanks almost exclusively. They were, and still are great tanks for what they are, but I always felt like they were missing something. Air flow? Maybe. I just couldn't put my finger on it. They got better when they came out with the .8 and.5 ohms coils, but still something was missing. Since then, I've upgraded across the board to full on sub ohm gear.
    I started out years ago with the VEA, a Johnson Creek product. Basically it was a vape pen. They are no longer in business. I truly enjoyed the smallness of the device. Of course until now, small was out of the question.
    I had been noticing more and more these new "pod" type systems, but felt they are still lacking in that you have to buy the entire pod to get a fresh vape, and some aren't refillable, and you're stuck with the flavors they provide. You can't use your own favorite liquids, and you can't change the coil like with the Breeze. Bluntly put, this is stupid.
    Until now.
    There are others out there I know that do what the Breeze and Breeze 2 do. But there aren't many. I had been looking around for something smaller for a while and finally decided to give this a try. After all, Aspire for the most part has always had really good products.
    I've been using this for most of the day after I got this and have to say, this is a really good little device. It's small and compact, but really solid. It has a nice heft to it, but not too heavy. The draw with the .6 ohm coil is just right for a very easy MTL, or a light lung hit. It's not too hot, just a nice warm vape. I've yet to try the 1 ohm with the nic salts yet, but did do a non powered trial draw on it, and it is tight. It is a full MTL only. But with the salts, I'm anxious to give that a try as well.
    You won't get the huge clouds out of this like with an Alien 220 and a Baby Beast with a .25 ohm coil, or a dripper. But for being so small, and easy to carry, I can see myself using this when out and about more. I can save my big stuff when I'm home or in the car.
    The price from Halo is very competitive, and as usual, delivery is always quick. I've been a Halo fan and customer for years now and they've yet to disappoint.

  3. Great Incognito Pod System! review by Jason

    The Aspire Breeze 2 is a great option for when you have to go run errands or go out to eat or if you just want something smaller than a regular box mod! The pod system great and easy to fill/replace the coils. The option to pick between the 1.2 ohm (nic salts) and the 0.6 ohm (traditional liquid) coil is great. The draw on this device is tighter than a traditional tank/box mod system, but still allows you to adjust the air flow to how you want it. I usually keep mine fully open. It's one of the most satisfying hits I've had, especially with Halo/Evo nic salts in the pod as I've been wanting something that would mimic a traditional cigarette mouth to lung draw! Minor detail, I'm really impressed that Aspire includes an extra set of O Rings with this kit!

  4. Nice kit for MTL review by Miguel

    I first want to point out that I normally vape with quad coil sub-ohm Smok Alien kit on Tribeca 0.6 mg/ml. Lots of clouds. So I was looking for strong nic with minimal clouds for when I am at work or on the road. This kit did just that for me. On to my review: I like that it has adjustable airflow (which I have all the way open) but it is a nice Mouth-To-Lung kit. I bought it with Tribeca Nic Salts 50 mg, which hits a lot like a 24 mg/ml regular e-juice. Battery lasts me all day, but mostly because I barely have to hit it. Nic salts satiates me more efficiently. I'm taking about 5 hits per hour now. Also, comes with two coils. 0.6 ohm and 1.0 ohm, which I use 1 ohm. This kit can be used with both regular juice or nic salts juice. If used with Nic Salts, I can't imagine people running out of juice or battery for the day if refilled and charged everyday. Very simple kit, just push the button and vape. No screen, no VW, nothing fancy, but it does the job.

  5. love it review by chris-man

    Loving this little device it’s (almost) everything I've been waiting for someone to invent -
    -1- Good capacity tank
    -2- Good battery life
    -3- Easy micro usb charging (Halo gets it we can’t maintain 12 diff chargers for different devices)
    -4- Good vapor hit - very flavorful (maybe similar to a hit from an aspire gusto or aspire mini which give excellent tasty puffs) - taste your e-juice like never before
    -5- Small and compact - not the smallest device, but (I can’t deal with these heavy monster mods that weigh down my pocket with giant tanks and batteries that look like a beast when you whip it out among non-puffers) this is small, neat, clean, and can even be used stealthily if you're slick at it (you can pretend it’s box of candy, raise it up to your mouth as if you are dropping some candy into your mouth while you're take a hit).
    -6- Sub Ωhm! : .6 Ohms (or 1.0 Ohms); this makes it useful for VG without carrying the giant, heavy sub Ohm devices previously mentioned and with 1.0 Ohms I assume you could use a 50/50 - VG/PG or higher PG

    One thing not great is the cap. It would be better if it was attached somehow and you could move it out of the way without removing to use, but on the other hand the cap prevents all the pocket garbage from entering, and that’s important.
    You just have to hold the cap or I pop it off in my pocket. It just requires more hand movements when I’m already busy with my hands full, but that's okay, not a deal breaker.
    Great device -it’s my new favorite “go-to” device.

(5 out of 12 loaded.)
Quantity Included1
Battery LogoAspire
Battery ColorNo
Battery ThreadNo
Button ColorBlack
Battery TypeNo
Battery Cut-Off TimeNo
Battery Length96 mm
Battery Width35 mm
Battery Capacity1000mAh
Battery ChargeNo
Battery Lifespan300 cycles
Battery Voltage TypeNo
Battery Actual VoltageNo
Battery Rated VoltageNo
Battery Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase
Quantity Included1
Tank LogoAspire
Tank ColorCrystal Clear
Tank ThreadNo
Tip ColorBlack
Tank ResistanceNo
Tank LengthNo
Tank WidthNo
Tank Capacity3.0 ml
Tank WarrantyN/A
Coil ResistanceNo
Quantity IncludedNo
Charger LogoNo
Wall Charger ColorNo
Wall Charger LengthNo
Wall Charger WidthNo
Wall Charger HeightNo
Input VoltageNo
Output VoltageNo
Charger FrequencyNo
Output CurrentNo
Wall Charger Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase
Quantity Included1
USB Adapter LogoNo
USB Adapter ColorBlack
USB Adapter LengthNo
USB Adapter WidthNo
USB Adapter HeightNo
Input VoltageNo
Output VoltageNo
Input CurrentNo
Output CurrentNo
USB Adapter WarrantyNo