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Empty Bottle (5-Pack)

Quick Overview

These empty dropper bottles are the perfect size to fit in your pocket. With a convenient dropper tip located under the child proof twist cap, these bottles offer simplicity and safety in one convenient package. Unlike other bottles on the market, these are crystal clear, allowing you to easily see what the contents are. These bottles are great for taking with you on the go, or for testing your own diy E-liquid mixtures. All orders come with a 5-pack with your choice of 7 ml or 10 ml bottles.


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These empty dropper bottles are the perfect size to fit in your pocket. With a convenient dropper tip located under the child proof twist cap, these bottles offer simplicity and safety in one convenient package. Unlike other bottles on the market, these are crystal clear, allowing you to easily see what the contents are. These bottles are great for taking with you on the go, or for testing your own diy E-liquid mixtures. All orders come with a 5-pack with your choice of 7 ml or 10 ml bottles.

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  1. Nozzle could be better review by Suresh

    I have come across bottles with a finer nozzle. This isn't an issue with the Triton tanks. But I'm struggling with my old cig-a-like, and I can only assume filling the G6 cartomizers would be just as tedious.

  2. So convenient! review by yvette

    Do you want to maybe add a little mint to a favorite flavor? Borrow some juice from a friend? Give a little to your bestie? THESE BOTTLES ARE SO HELPFUL. I carry an extra with me at all times just in case any need shall arrive and it has come in handy more than once! Definitely glad I bought some!

  3. Worry no more review by Michele

    Are you ever worried about carrying the fragile glass bottles of e-liquid around? I do! Imagine dropping a bottle of your favorite flavored treat only to find it shattered and all over the ground. These small bottles can be filled easily with your dropper. You can carry them just about anywhere. I have a small section on my purse to hold onto my glass bottle. However, sometimes I would like to keep extra juice in my pocket and I don't always like to carry my purse with me. I highly recommend using these portable sized bottles for your precious e-liquid cargo.

  4. discovery review by Amanda

    I just discovered that Halo sells these empty bottles. I buy Tribeca in a 30ml bottle and it helps because I travel a lot. I am able to put the e-liquid into a smaller more convenient container which is going to be a lot easier for me.

  5. cheap! review by Chris

    A cheap price and great product! I got the 10ml because the 7ml bottles are too hard to fill for me. We ordered them just to fill them up with all the flavors. There were 3 of us so we ordered a bunch of 30ml bottles and just split them up. I have heard people complain about how the plastic is pourous so the previous flavor will remain. However, I did not have this problem.

  6. Longer, thinner, nozzles would be better review by Saff

    These are great...very handy for mixing, carrying, etc. However, if they were slightly longer and much thinner nozzle tips (which I've seen people use before) then they would be perfect in my opinion. It's kind of hard to aim these smaller, thicker tips, and not get at least some e-liquid down the center tube...or in someone's car while attempting to refill a little bit. So 4-stars now, but thinner nozzle tips about 2 to 2.5 times the current length would be a definite 5-star win.

  7. Great for going on long trips review by Justin

    These are great for the carry on when you are going through the airport. The 30ml glass bottles aren't so much because they are classified as "too opaque." These solve that problem, especially for those who are doing a lot of traveling but don't want to burn a lot of cash on smaller bottles. Just drop your favorite Halo juice in and go!

  8. mixing review by Nicole

    These bottles are perfect for mixing your favorite flavors together or you can also pour out your e- juice from your tank if your wanting to switch flavors!

  9. perfect for taking your favorite mixtures with you anywhere review by mike

    The 5 pack lets you premix your favorite custom flavors & simply take them with you anywhere. No need to bring all your favorite flavor bottles all the time when you can mix one or all of your 7-10mL bottles with your own recipes in sealable, convenient, easy to carry bottles.

  10. Great for multiple uses - BUT , , , review by LVE

    As far as rating the actual bottle, would have to go with a 5 – they are good quality, easy to use, convenient size & serve multiple purposes, etc. As far as the price – don’t know, I have never priced them elsewhere. BUT. I purchased the 5-pack early on in my whole e-cig thing – and used 2 right off the bat: 1 for taking juice from a larger bottle, and the 2nd for mixing a couple different liquids together (fyi – just use a piece of masking tape to label). And they worked great. But now, after multiple purchases of various flavors in the 7ml size - I am over-run with bottles, and have never used the last 3 of the pack. So, if you can just hold off for a little while, you will probably have plenty of extra bottles – but, for a couple bucks, what’s the harm.

  11. Convenient review by MOCO

    So glad HALO sells these empty bottles. First of all, they are the same exact bottles that you get when you order 7ml of liquid. They work great. Instead of always opening my 30ml bottle, I just keep filling this empty 7ml bottle. I believe that the more you open a bottle, the more the strength of the liquid decreases. That might not be true, but even if it wasn't, this is much easier to carry around. I also use these to give samples to friends to try. Some have said this could be cheaper, but for 50 cents a bottle...you can't go wrong. I will be ordering more when I run out. Thank you HALO.

  12. Great for steeping, travel or mixing -- but mostly steeping & travel review by M

    This isn't a terrible price for these, you can find them elsewhere for about half the cost but you're talking about a dollar. While they aren't special, they are useful especially if you order 30mil bottles for three reasons: mixing juices, travel & steeping. Basically you can add some juice from the mailbox to a smaller bottle, leave the lid off and let it sit out and it'll be ready faster while the rest will keep for longer. Same for travel, you can toss a plastic 7ml bottle into your bag so you aren't caught out while out and about. This does make mixing for cartomizers much easier, but less necessary for a tank.

  13. Good for DIY review by Naseeruddin

    These empty bottles halp mixing your own flavors to create your own coctails. I seriously feel that these should cost lesser than the current price halo charges. If you have the 7ml bottles that came with the flavors, you can boil them up to remove the flavors and use them as well. Pricey in my opinion.

  14. Convient as all get out review by Cam

    If you're a fan of mixing your e-liquids, then this is an extremely convenient way to do it. Making your own liquids is also a great way to go, but if you don't have the ability, then mixing is excellent.

    Once you have find the sweet spot of portions, make a bigger batch and throw it into one of these bottles! This way, you can get a consistent vape of that wonderful concoction that you just love so much without having to mix directly into one of your tanks!

  15. Great for a trip review by John

    Good quality, they are apparently the same bottles Halo uses for the 7ml e-liquid they sell. They will NOT put any of their heavenly e-liquid in a funky bottle that leaks or might leech weird plastic taste into the e-liquid. Great for making a travel kit with many different juices, and super great for making small samples of your own mixes to give you time to see if you like them!

  16. Perfect for travel review by Anne

    I love these, i keep them full of my favorite juices so i can grab one and go. Keeps me from having to pack multiple tanks, easy to throw in a purse or pants pocket. They squeeze easier than other ones I have tried. My only complaint is I wish they came with a water proof label to write on.

  17. These bottles are great for mixing E-liquids! review by Johnny Dill

    I use these bottles for experimenting with mixing Halo E-liquids. My favorite so far is a 50/50 mix of Tribeca and Sub-Zero. It is a menthol tobacco sensation that I vape all day long. Good stuff!!!

  18. Great review by Jean W Barker

    Great price and great product. Great use for mixing my own Halo flavors together to get that special flavor that is personally mine. Thanks Hao!!

  19. So sweet review by Anthony

    These e-liquid bottles are sweet. They are great for being able to mix your liquid and make up your own flavors. And I didn't expect to get 5 of them when I ordered I was totally surprised.

  20. Great for mixing and carrying along. review by Jeffrey

    I keep a couple with my "kit", I mix my juice and the small bottles fit into my case to refill my carts when needed.

  21. Great for DIY review by Keith

    These come in handy for DIY your own juice and for making small quantity batches. Cheap price for bottles order a large quantity of them at one time or, just throw in a few with your next juice or supply order. They come in two sizes 7ml and 10ml. Both sizes are perfect for making batches in small quantities.

  22. Organized! review by J Guns

    Same as the bottles used for the 7ml/10ml samples. Childproof, and easy to make a blend in.

Quantity Included5
Bottle ColorClear
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap ColorWhite
Cap MaterialPET Plastic
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper ControlN/A
Dispenser StyleEye Dropper
Dispenser MaterialPET Plastic
Bottle Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase