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E-Cigarette Tweezers

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These high-quality Needle Point Tweezers are perfect for removing and adjusting the foam in your electronic cigarette cartridge.

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These high-quality Needle Point Tweezers are perfect for removing and adjusting the foam in your electronic cigarette cartridge. Fabricated from high grade Stainless Steel and proudly displayed in Halo Blue, these high precision tweezers are perfect for DIYers. Our tweezers come in two convenient options to suit any preference, curved or straight. These professional grade E-cigarette friendly tweezers are a must have for any vaping toolbox.

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  1. So Helpful! review by yvette

    My friend ended up giving me an extra set of these and oh my god! I wish I would have bought my own years ago! Helps to re-position the wicking as well as rewick a coil yourself if you are so bold. Truthfully though, I have found more than a few reasons to have these tweezers in my vape-box. A MUST HAVE!!

  2. Must have for frequent vapers review by Michele

    A friend of mine swears by the halo tweezers. He has managed to save even more money by maintaining his cartomizers on his own without having to order them more often. My friend has cut his vaping costs down. In this economy, it is always important to find ways to save more money. I am definitely going to order a pair for myself. I love that Halo is constantly adding newer, innovative products.

  3. oh wow review by Amanda

    I have been using Halo for years now and I have just discovered these tweezers. I feel kind of foolish but I am still excited I ordered them. I have been removing the e-liquid and adjusting the wick manually but with these tweezers it is gonna make my Halo experience so much easier.

  4. amazing review by Chris

    I don't rebuild my hardware so I never saw a need to get anything like this until I used my friend set. It is so much easier to clean a tank with these with whatever hanger, paper clip or whatever is on your desk. I saw them in a vape shop as well but they have a very thick plastic coating on them. The only solution to having a scratchless tweezers is making them out of a less dense metal, such as brass. This way you get a sturdy material with the delicate feature.

  5. Worthy investment review by Nick

    If your planning on vaping for a bit this will make maintenance of the tanks & coils easier,faster, plain & simple.

  6. Extremely handy! review by Bryan

    I didn't originally pick a pair of these up, thinking that they were unnecessary and that the pair I already own would work fine. Boy, was I wrong. If you like to refill your cartomizers, these tweezers will be extremely helpful to you when repositioning the internal cotton. The longer body and sharper points work great to re-work the insides of your cartomizer. This ensures that it is placed properly and that you are getting good airflow without singeing your cartomizer!

  7. Curved Tweezers review by Brian

    Excellent Tweezers, great metal, and just all around high quality.

    The curved are perfect for wick and coil maintenance that occurs occasionally, as you reuse your coils in between cleanings. The curved can also be helpful for cleaning the threads on the bottom of the tanks where it screws into the battery on those occasions you have a "bad accident", better than a Q-tip, for those "oh dammit" moments, that will occur sooner or later.

  8. Straight Tweezers review by Brian

    The quality of these tweezers is excellent, and a very high quality metal is used.

    The straight are perfect for cleaning the inside of tanks, if you need to get in with a piece of cloth or paper towel to dry or rub at something.

  9. Perfect for maintenace. review by Philip

    These are perfect to get into the tight spaces you G6 or triton tanks have. I've even used them on occasion around the house. My only complaint is the price point is juuuuust a little high, but e-cigs have saved me a heck of a lot more than that, so I guess it's just me being a tightwad.

  10. Top Quality review by Doug Woodard

    These tweezers are definitely top quality. I use them on my Triton Tanks. They are helpful when cleaning out the tank. They are really helpful when used to hold a piece of paper towel to dry the tank after rinsing. For this reason I recommend the straight tip pair. This allows the tweezers to reach all the way to the bottom of the tank. I don't believe the curved tip pair would be able to perform this maneuver. The tweezers are stainless steel, high quality and very sharp on the pointed ends.

  11. Quality tweezer, but you should know if you need this or not review by M

    I actually own this exact pair, and the price isn't bad compared to what I paid online. Now, why would you want tweezers for your vape gear? Mostly fiddling with coils, wicks or cartomizer polyfill. In all honesty, for Halo's target demographic the uses are going to be pretty niche, so it surprises me they have these while not having other things, but they are a high-quality tweezer. I would say to go for the curved, it can really make a difference when you are fiddling with a coil inside a head or rearranging polyfill.

Quantity Included1
Tweezer ColorNo
Tweezer MaterialStainless Steel
Tweezer ShapeNo
Tweezer TipNeedle
Tweezer Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase