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Triton Chargers and Adapters

Get the most out of your Triton Tank System with the ability to recharge your batteries anywhere. Whether you need to re-charge your Triton batteries at home, in your car or at your computer, Halo offers everything you need to stay powered up.

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Mini Wall Charger

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The Halo Mini Wall Charger charges your electronic cigarette battery using any standard 110v (USA) outlet. The Halo Mini Wall Charger will not work without your Electronic Cigarette USB charger. Simply plug the e-cigarette USB charger into the port on the Mini Wall Charger to use. If using our G6 Series, the LED tip of the G6 Battery will stay lit while charging and will go out upon completion. If using our Triton Tank System Series, the manual button on the Triton Battery will stay lit while charging.
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Mini Auto Charger

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4.9 5 1
The Halo Mini Car Charger is the perfect option to charging your electronic cigarette battery while travelling using any standard 12v vehicle outlet. The Mini Car Charger works only in conjunction with either Triton or G6 USB Chargers. Simply plug the USB Adapter into the Mini Car Charger and attach the battery for simple mobile charging. An easy way to stay charged while commuting or taking long trips.
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USB Adapter

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The Triton Tank System USB Adapter is the universal component to assist in charging your Triton Electronic Cigarette Battery. It is compatible with the full line of Triton Wall and Auto Chargers. Simply plug the Triton USB Adapter into any USB port (including laptop or desktop computers) to charge.

Important: This USB adapter is for Triton batteries only. Using this USB adapter on G6 batteries may cause irreversible damage. Please click here, if you are looking for the G6 USB adapter.


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