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5.0 5
Posted on 4/14/14
I love that i can get that just right throat hit that i like
My boyfriends halo variable voltage battery i just could not leave alone. He wanted to get me one of my own so he did and i absolutely love it.

Thanks halo :-)
5.0 5
Posted on 4/4/14
the best battery for the triton system
The variable battery is the best way to get the most out of your vaping experience. Turn it wide open when you need a bit extra from your triton or fine tune it to find your perfect vaping experience. The life of the battery can also be set to last for nearly a week without recharging so that you never need worry about your battery dying at inconvenient times.
3.0 5
Posted on 4/3/14
Rarely useful to me.
Okay, I must be the only person who *doesn't* like Variable Voltage batteries. I just don't see the point. The standard Triton battery produces 3.7 volts. With the VV battery you can only turn it up to around 4.0 with the standard tanks/coils -- so the main advantage seems to be to turn it DOWN, which produces less vapor and less throat hit.
I believe this would be good for people who enjoy fruit-flavored or gourmet-flavored (chocolate, etc) e-juices, as some of these can produce an unpleasant "burnt" taste at higher voltages. However, my favorites are Voodoo, Tribeca, and Torque56, all of which seem to be best at 3.7 or slightly* higher* (4.0) voltage. Furthermore, if you use the recommended 3.0 resistance coils with this battery, you will have to turn it up higher just to get the same results as a standard coil on a standard battery.
I do think vaping tobacco juices like Voodoo at a higher voltage improves them. I can accomplish this much more cheaply by buying low resistance replacement coils (1.8-2.0) for the Triton tanks I already have and using the regular Triton batteries I already have. So I'm a little disappointed.
Having said that, the quality of the battery is as excellent as any other Triton battery, and the 900mAh battery lasts me like two days before I have to recharge it. Maybe some day I'll find an e-juice that benefits from vaping at a lower than 3.7 voltage, but so far I haven't.
I just don't have much use for the VV feature I guess. I'll stick with lower resistance coils with my standard tanks and batteries.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/2/14
Game Changer
I first ordered a Triton starter kit as an upgrade to the ego that I had been using previously and it was the best purchase I had made of the year. The difference was enough that I couldn't stop talking about it. Then, as I began looking into the other products on the site, I came across this battery and dismissed it because of its size. I like the Triton because it's stout, but short. After researching variable voltage and its benefits to vaping, I finally decided to buy the battery with a few new tanks and the coils recommended (3.0-3.2 ohm). I rushed home on my lunch break at work when I saw it had been delivered and immediately filled up a tank and went to town. The difference in taste is so vast, it's hard to describe without simply telling you to buy one. Juices have a much wider palette and you can fine tune it to the exact flavor you're looking for. It's a must have for next to the couch or at a desk. the higher resistance tanks still perform well on the regular Triton batteries, but if you aren't going anywhere (or have deep pockets or a purse), grab one for yourself. You won't regret it.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/29/14
After using the battery for roughly 3.5 weeks, 10 charges, and multiple falls, this battery is as good as the day i got it. The battery life hasn't decreased as i charge it more and more. The actual switch to change the volts is very tight, no wiggles, and does not change the setting unless you change it. It hasn't ever changed volts in my pocket or during use. Very good quality.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/28/14
really works well with the recommended wick
I replaced the standard wicks with the recommended high resistance ones and have gotten even better performance out of my variable voltage battery. I have 3 of these (and bought my gf one too) and love them. Hardly ever use my original 650s now.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/27/14
Finally A New Color
My wife loves the new iridescence colored vv battery. Vapor production and battery life is excellent and she says it looks "girly" which is important to her. Plus we know which battery is hers easily.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/27/14
I love the variable voltage battery. While I do like halos other batteries I like the ability to personalize my vaping experience. I like to smoke the Tribeca e liquid at 3.7.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/27/14
very happy with this!
I was bummed that there wasn't a starter kit being offered with the variable voltage batteries. After some research and thought I decided to order everything that I needed separately. I'm glad that I did. I really like the versatility that this battery offers, it really does bring out different qualities in the juices. There is good vapor production even at the 3.3 volt setting and it only gets better and more flavorful as you go up. For great throat hit and vapor production as well as flavor I usually keep it around 4.3-4.5. But sometimes I just like something more mellow. Right now I'm using the 2.6-2.8 ohm coils with great results, although with some juices I'm finding that they can give a burnt taste at 4.8v with frequent or extended puffs. This isn't really an issue for me since I prefer it a little lower. No doubt the higher resistance coils would fix that if needed. The battery last me all day even at higher settings and charges in about 2 hrs. I went from cig-a-likes from another company to the Triton tank system and within a day the increased size did not bother me at all and this has improved my vaping experience dramatically. Like others have said, it's surprisingly lightweight and seems well built. So far after a week I'm really happy with the variable voltage battery and the Triton tanks. I'm not looking back!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/25/14
WOW! I love this battery. It was really just what my heart had been desiring... vaping heaven! The vaping experience with this battery is just so much better. Sure one may "fine-tune the flavor" with the variable voltage. But more important to me, there is more and heavier vapor (even at lower voltages). If you are looking for a performance boost, this will definitely do it for you.
Please heed my warnings, however, if one sets the voltage too high and leaves it there, it will spoil the taste of the liquid, go through liquid quickly, burn the wick, and may bring a premature end to the life of the coil. This item is great in every way but don't expect the variable voltage battery to last as long as a regular 900 mah battery. This is because the variable voltage battery stays at the voltage and output that it is set at. A regular battery starts at 4.2 volts when freshly charged, then the voltage starts dropping steadily after a few puffs, until it drops to around 3.3 volts near the end, and then finally goes dead.
I chose to go with the 2.6-2.8 ohm coil. Without discussing Ohm's Law or the separate formula to calculate power this is what I do: increase the voltage until I can still taste the nuances of the flavor and get lots of heavy vapor. If there is a burnt taste decrease the voltage. I usually end up around 4.1 volts +/- 0.1 volts. That's right in the middle of the 3.3 - 4.8 volt range. Not sure, but could that be an indication that I'm using the right coil?