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5.0 5
Posted on 5/10/14
Very Impressive
Halo Juice is premium flavors and premium vapor. Tried another vendor came back to Halo fast.
5.0 5
Posted on 5/9/14
a great place to start
Not sure which juice to try? This pack is a great place to start. It gives you a very nice idea of the complexity that all of Halo's juices have. At a guess I would say these are their biggest sellers historically, all of these are just well crafted flavors.

Some of them are not my favorites, but even still they are a great overview of what Halo strives and accomplishes with all their juice line.

If it were me... making a suggestion to someone brand new to the Halo line, I would suggest getting this tin and a sample bottle of Voodoo. Then figuring out from there what others to try.
5.0 5
Posted on 5/8/14
Awesome variety pack! I recommend this to new customers you won't regret it! I've tried many different brands but Halo juices are more flavorful to me and vapor production is great too!
5.0 5
Posted on 5/6/14
Wanted to test a variety of the e-liquids that Halo offers. Good place to start and try a piece from each selection. Really enjoyed the Sub-Zero and Malibu flavors.
3.0 5
Posted on 5/3/14
6 of Halo’s most popular juices.
Sample packs are a great way to try different juices, when you don’t know what you might like. Halo’s samplers offer 6 flavors for much cheaper than if you would buy each juice separately. The Menthol sample pack has Halo’s 4 menthol flavors plus 2 from the gourmet category. The Gourmet sampler has all 6 of Halo’s gourmet flavors. And the Tobacco sampler includes Halo’s pick of 6 (presuming their most popular) of their 12 tobacco flavors. I personally disagree with Halo’s choices here – and I think that Freedom and Captain would have been much better choices for ‘tobacco’ over Midnight orTribeca – but it’s Halo’s picks. Now the Variety sampler is again Halo’s pick of 6 of their 22 flavors – 3 from their Gourmet, 1 from their Menthol and 2 from Tobacco (although they include Tribeca, which I don’t consider a good representative of their tobacco juices). It would be really nice if Halo would use this ‘Variety’ sampler as a way for the user to pick the 6 flavors that they would like to try (based on their own personal tastes or from reviews, etc). Or Halo could call this one ‘Halo’s Picks’ (of their most popular), and add a 5th Sampler Pack called ‘My Picks’ (or something like that). That way you could either go with Halo’s most popular, or choose the 6 specific favors that you want to try. Love the tin.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/25/14
Good Choice for the Undecided
Not sure which Menthol Flavor I wanted so this was a great option for me. The little tin it was packaged in was great too. I find myself liking the Kringles Curse and Sub-Zero. I have no clue why the HX3 was in the pack. It seems totally out of place maybe Shamrock would be a better choice in this sampler.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/23/14
Halo e-Juice Rocks
I'm new to vaping, but I've tried a few different brands here and there, so far from what a friend gave me to try this was the BEST juice I've had yet. Can't wait to try them all.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/11/14
This sample pack's worth it
I didn't think I'd be getting as much value as I did when I ordered my initial variety sample pack from Halo. I got it in my first order from them along with my G6 batteries kit. It turned out to be a very beneficial purchase because it quickly helped me find out out what I liked, & what I didn't like as much. Not what I didn't like, only what I didnt like as much as some of the other liquids. Because along with this pack I still haven't had a an eliquid from Halo that I haven't enjoyed. It also helped me find a few of my new favorites, like their tobaccos. Some companies call their juices tobacco flavored but they only taste like fruit or other flavors, the ones you get from this company have that genuine, satisfying tobacco taste.

So anyway, Malibu's also excellent, fruity and mellow but not too strong tasting. Sub Zero and Kringles Curse are very pronounced, very minty flavors..All enjoyable at some time or another throughout the day n nights. You really can't go wrong with any of them, and you'll probably quickly find a few new favorites, like I did.
4.0 5
Posted on 4/1/14
intro to vaping
I purchased the variety pack as my first e liquid along with the Triton starter kit. Of all the flavors I prefer Tribeca with its lingering sweetness. I enjoyed this flavor and Turkish along with sub zero. Kringle's curse is good but couldn't vape it all day. Finally Belgian cocoa went into the trash because it was awful. I have since ordered more Tribeca, menthol variety pack and voodoo. Can't wait to try them.
4.0 5
Posted on 4/1/14
I bought this for my for my brother's upcoming birthday. But I tried a couple drops of Tribeca. The only tobacco juice I've tried is Malibu & I like it. But Tribeca. OMG it's good.