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4.0 5
Posted on 2/9/14
All flavors I would recommend except for the Turkish. I chose the 24mg/ml strength. Two thumbs up for Halo, I'm a happy customer.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/6/14
great variety
Every different category of flavors is here. I don't usually vape tobacco e-liquids or at least until now Tribeca is delicious and Kringles curse is very refreshing. Since it comes with 6 different kinds its cool to mix and they last a very good amount of time.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/3/14
Variety is always good!
The Variety E-liquid Sample Pack includes an assortment of some of Halo's top Gourmet, Tobacco, and menthol vapes. It gives you tastes from all of their product categories and is simply an excellent way to find your favorite flavor at a totally reasonable price. Definitely recommend this sample pack!
4.0 5
Posted on 1/18/14
Variety packs are great, but this could use a little tweaking
I got this as one of my first Halo orders... and while I adore sample packs and am glad Halo offers them, I think this one could be tweaked. I'm on the fence about Turkish Tobacco. You already have Tribeca which is hugely popular, and so including a milder/lighter version seems... like something for a Tobacco pack. Why not something stronger and harsher, to give a feel of the range? But it isn't bad and I can see why it could make sense. However, I really don't think Kringle's Curse should be in it, and would instead sub something like CoolMist to offset Subzero?
5.0 5
Posted on 1/18/14
Awesome sample pack
Being that I'm new at this ejuice, I wasn't sure on what favors I should buy and wanted something to sample before I commit to a whole bottle. This pack gave me a great assortment of flavors to try. If you're are new at this you can't go wrong buying this pack.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/17/14
This is my first e cig purchase so I decided to try out the sample packs. The only flavor I didn't like much was the Malibu, but that's mainly due to personal tastes. I'm sure others will love it. All the others flavors were amazing. My favorites out of this pack are SubZero, Kringle's Curse, and Tribeca. The Belgian Cocoa is also an excellent dessert flavor if you're in the mood for a chocolatey taste. The SubZero flavor has an icy hit and Kringle's Curse tastes like peppermint. It's packaged just like it's shown in the photo and holds everything really well. If you are new to e cigs and unsure of what flavors you may like, then this sample pack is a great starting point.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/16/14
LOVE the sampler pack!
I ordered the variety pack to see what flavors I might like as I am new to this! So happy I did! I have found flavors that I like, and flavors that I LOVE! My favorite right now is a 2/3 to1/3 blend of Kringle's Curse and Belgian Cocoa! The Tribeca is hands down my favorite all around vape, but I love switching it up for different flavors. I recommend buying an extra tank so that you can switch out flavors easily when the mood strikes!
5.0 5
Posted on 1/13/14
Using the tin to hold all 7 of my Halo flavors now, the tin was a great touch. So far I've tried the Cafe Mocha and Kringle's Curse and enjoyed both very much, the flavors are distinct and you can really tell what they are supposed to taste like. I wish Kringle's was around throughout the year because it's become my favorite. All Halo juice blows massive clouds, and tastes great. highly recommend this to grow your library.
4.0 5
Posted on 1/3/14
Most were good...
I liked most of the flavors in this pack. It was a good way to try Halo for the first time, since I've heard such good things about them. I wish there was a customizable sampler, as tastes can be subjective and I knew from looking at all the different samplers that they all contained at least 2 flavors I wouldn't like. For a beginner, this is a great option though.
5.0 5
Posted on 12/30/13
Best option for newbies.
I am glad I decided to get this variety pack instead of a specific flavor pack. With this I am able to experience all the flavors and decide what I like the most with the cheapest price tag. I like the variety and the pack comes in a very sleek tin. I am very impressed with all the products from this website and the packaging they all come in. This companies motto should be "Nothing short of Perfection".