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5.0 5
Posted on 7/26/13
Overall flavors
I received the gourmet and tobacco flavor sample packs. Both had flavors I enjoyed but specifically I enjoyed the TriBeCa, the Kringle, and currently I am trying the Longhorn, it is not bad. I love the sample packs, best idea I have seen yet with these ecigs. I have tried inferno, the Halo and some local brands I have come across. This ecig has the best hit, the most smoke and great flavors I have tried. The batteries last a day so you should get at least two batteries, but they charge quick. Easy to refill and better than a real cigarette.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/22/13
Love the sample packs
I love these sample packs to figure out which ones to buy big bottles of. I loved the Belgian Cocoa and Twisted Java the most I think ... followed closely by Café Mocha. The Malibu is still growing on me, and the Kringle’s Curse is a little too strong mint for me but I think I'll like to mix it with other liquids. Not really wowed by the Shamrock ... gonna let it steep a bit and see if it gets better for me.

I think it's great to be able to try the small bottles to figure out what I really want before I go whole hog with the big uns.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/22/13
Great Value
This is a really good way to try 6 flavors with out spending a lot of money. This Gourmet Sample pack has 2 flavors that I am now hooked on, 2 flavors I really like and the other 2 flavors are not bad at all they just aren't as good as the others. This is a really good set as the flavors are just that good. Not a bad one in the bunch. I may have even hooked my Mom on a couple of the flavors. Give it a try, I really don't think you will be sorry, and you may even find a new favorite or two.
4.0 5
Posted on 7/18/13
unexpected results
Oddly enough for me, the flavors i was expecting to like (Shamrock, Twisted Java) weren't so great, but the flavors I thought I'd pass on are ending up in regular rotation (Malibu, Belgian Cocoa). If you think you might like one or two of these, grab the whole pack, you never know 'til you try.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/17/13
Great way to sample various gourmet flavors
The sample pack is a great way to sample all the gourmet flavors and select the one you like the most to purchase the 30ml bottles. I discovered my favorite flavor in the Halo line this way...the Malibu flavor is definitely my favorite!
5.0 5
Posted on 7/8/13
This was a great starter pack!
This sample was great way to try some gourmet flavors. They all tasted very different. I was a little apprehensive about the pack having 3 similar flavors (Belgian Cocoa, Twisted Java, Cafe Mocha and Shamrock) but they are all distinctly different.

The Belgian Cocoa reminds me of hot chocolate. Friends actually love the smell of it when I vape it around them.

Twisted Java has an excellent coffee flavor with minty and nutty undertones. Twisted Java is easy to mix with other flavors.

Cafe Mocha has the perfect mix of coffee and chocolate. The chocolate flavoring compliments the coffee flavor and isn't over powering.

Shamrock is definitely a minty chocolate. Mint is the predominant flavor I taste when vaping this. It does taste somewhat similar to Belgian Cocoa but the mint flavor definitely separates the two.

Kringle's Curse was my least favorite in the pack but with that said-I do really like it! I found it refreshing after vaping the other flavors. It has a nice strong peppermint taste. Compared to the others it definitely is not as sweet. The menthol in it is strong but pleasant. I have not mixed it yet but I am sure this will mix well with other flavors.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/22/13
Gourmet Gourmet Gourmet
With great throat hit, excellent vape, outstanding flavors at an incredible, repeatable, and unbeatable value. Shamrock tastes like a chocolate peppermint patty (one of my favorites), Twisted Java, Malibu, Belgium Cocoa, Kringle's Curse (wow), and the delectable taste of Cafe Mocha. Will be buying more of this!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/17/13
I have bought a lot of juice from a lot of different vendors and I can't say enough about Halo! These juices taste soooo good! I just wish they would come out with a fruit flavor that doesn't have menthol in it ... I would be in love! Great Products!!
5.0 5
Posted on 5/30/13
Great presentation and lovely flavors
Now this is how you make a presentation.
A wonderful little tin with 6 little bottles sitting neatly in foam. It can be reused as well afterwards. Clever idea guys, kudos to you!

I've not yet tried all the flavors so can't comment on all of that, but I've tried Shamrock, Malibu and Twisted Java and if these 3 are any indication of the rest of your flavors then I do believe you have just gained another regular customer.
Please, keep it up!
5.0 5
Posted on 5/28/13
A must for dessert lovers!
If your on the Halo website looking at the gourmet section and wondering what to try, put this in your shopping cart. Myself having a fierce sweet-tooth this sample pack was a no brainer. I already knew I loved Belgian Cocoa but I was curious about the rest of the line and as the saying goes 'you won't know until you try'. Your bound to confirm a few favorites and maybe a new favorite or two that you didn't expect! I was pretty sure I'd like Malibu from Halo's description and after trying it, it turned out to be true! Kringle's Curse turned out to be a surprise favorite for myself as I'm not a huge fan of real peppermint hard candy. I see another order for Kringle's for sure!

Also, the sample packs have 12ml more liquid over the 30ml bottles for just $4.99 more, making them a good value.