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5.0 5
Posted on 5/20/14
Mondo Flavors
What a collection! Malibu is amazing, and Belgian Cocoa has no equal. Try a bit of Belgian in the Malibu!!! Kringles is pure peppermint candy cane. It is also great with Belgian. (We're gonna need more Belgian!!) Twisted Java is very minty, with the earthy coffee beneath it. Cafe Mocha is milky choco-coffe, and Shamrock is the Thin Mint.
These are all great to supplement your all day flavors. Be careful. They might take over...
5.0 5
Posted on 5/15/14
Simplemente ....deliciosos
He probado todos y son una delicia. Estos son tus sabores.
5.0 5
Posted on 5/11/14
The reviews can't be wrong!
Just starting your vape adventure -this (or any of the samplers) is definitely the best way to go! Unless you have a local Vape Shop where you can go to the taste test bar (those are FUN!!!)
Back ontrack... you have so many choices with HALO - these are the best way to find your all day vape - or your dessert/after dinner vape - find what makes you happy !
I DID !! Kringles Curse is a lovely, slightly sweet (your taste may vary) minty vape of heaven! Stand alone or be daring ! Add a lil dab to some Belgian Cocoa ! Even some Tribeca anything that a bit of mint is tasty!
When HALO says Gourmet it's just that! Delectable choices throughout the HALO line-up. Choose one or better yet go for the Gourmet Sampler to find your all day vape!
Still Vapin Still love my HALO almost a year coming up since the switch = NO REGRETS! Thanks to the HALO team of experts!
5.0 5
Posted on 5/9/14
something for everyone.
Halo has 6 dessert/gourmet flavors, and this sample pack is a great way to give all 6 a try.

There is a little something for everyone here. Like a summer sweet blend, you got malibu. Like a bit of an afterdinner mint you got shamrock, want some crisp peppermint, you have kringles. Coffee... chocolate... it is here too. Some of these have a hint of menthol to them too, but not enough to put off a non menthol person.

The thing I have come to appreciate most about Halo's dessert juices, is that none of them is overly sweet, like trying to hide something. All of them are a subtle sweet flavor, that allows you to enjoy all the other flavor components present.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/19/14
great selection of flavors
When I first heard of halo this is what I started with and I must admit, they are all great tasting juices. My favorite are the twisted java and the cafe mocha, but all the others are great as well. I just purchased a big bottle of Malibu. It's got a great summertime taste. If you don't know what to try go for the sample pack. It's awesome!
4.0 5
Posted on 4/4/14
Gourmet Sample Pack
First and foremost Halo products have been the best that I have used and so far I have used everything from Durasmoke to Ego-T and cartomizers in between.

The Gourmet Sample Pack is an excellent choice and assortment of flavours especially if you're looking to change your taste. This review is based off E-liquids with 12mg nicotine level.

Malibu - This is a light and refreshing taste that takes you back to your honeymoon sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas at 9am. This is something I would use as a treat once in awhile throughout the day or evening. This is not the vape you want to use after eating.

Kringle's Kurse - This is just an all around excellent flavour every which way and any time day or night. This smell and taste takes you back to the holidays and is just a pleasurable vape experience. This product has been mastered for your enjoyment.

Shamrock - A perfect blend of chocolate and mint, another flavour for any time day or night especially after or with your coffee in the morning this is just a great flavour. I particularly like this one in the evening as a desert flavour to relax with.

Belgian Coca - This is my favorite hands down no exceptions. This is another flavour that has been mastered, from the throat hit to the taste to the body of the vape, this is just a perfect evening desert flavour, enjoy with your morning coffee, espresso, after lunch or dinner or just hanging out you will not go wrong here. It kind of reminds me of being at Rockafeller Center during Christmas in NYC and eating Ghiradella chocolates at the tree.

Twisted Java - I have not tried this one yet however, I filled a tank last night and it is sitting at home waiting for me after work. I'll be back to let you know.

CAFE MOCHA - You might notice I wrote the name in caps and this is the flavour and reason why the Gourmet Sample Pack only received 4 stars from me. When you initially fill a tank with this flavour and let it soak for awhile, the first few pulls and vape experience are actually enjoyable for about 10 seconds. This E-liquid turns black as coal, looks like mud in a vile, does not vape, losses flavour and requires a complete re-design and needs to be highly questioned. How someone actually approved this flavour and E-liquid for use is beyond me. Cafe Mocha is a terrible and frustratingly bad E-liquid. This product needs to be completely re-evaluated and re-tested and hopefully they can get it right.

I hope someone actually reads these and takes some advice.

SUGGESTION: Make a pick and choose sample pack, this way people can create their own variety pack however, they cannot pick more than two of the same flavour. This way someone doesn't order a sample pack and pick 6 bottles of one flavour. You still get the most bang for your buck and you get what you want and it benefits the company.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/2/14
Abso******lutely Delicious
As a recent convert to vaping, of course I read about how great Halo's juices are, and after trying lots of inexpensive juices, and a few higher-priced ones, I decided to give them a try. My search for rich, complex, satisfying flavors has ended! As a chocolate and coffee fiend, of course I love the Belgian Cocoa and Cafe Mocha, but based on my past experience with mint-added flavors, I did not expect to also like Twisted Mocha or Shamrock. They're wonderful. Mint is a teasing, tantalizing addition to the coffee/chocolate flavors here, rather than taking center stage. Deep, dark, wonderful chocolate and coffee flavors with just enough sweetness. These juices are like dessert in the best restaurant in NYC (with none of the calorie-or-carb reckoning).
I'm neutral about Malibu - very good flavor, but not my thing, and Kringle's Curse - also good but not exciting for me.
I need to mention that I was nervous about ordering, as Halo does not disclose its blends, and I have had a sensitivity to high PG in the past. I still don't know what the ratios are and I have no problems whatsoever. Halo, I love you! Who knew something so wonderful could come from New Jersey?
5.0 5
Posted on 3/31/14
Great tasting e-liquids
If you are vaping for the first time, I would recommend picking up this pack. You will not be disappointed with the flavors in this pack. Among myself and my friends who vape a lot, Kringle's Curse is all of our favorite flavor to vape. You can also get some great mixes out of this pack. Try the Twisted Java with Malibu or create your own mixes from these flavors. Endless combinations that will usually always satisfy your taste buds. Twisted Java and the Cocoa and going to be stronger while the Malibu and Kringle's Curse will be a smoother and more relaxing vape. You get a great variety out of this pack. Pick up this e-liquid pack!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/29/14
smells vary good.
Just got it today & it smells very good. I've tried the cafe mocha-wonderful. I know they'll be better tomorrow. Finally found the flavor I've been looking for.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/20/14
Very enjoyable
A great way to try many of Halo's yummy gourmet flavors. I especially like Twisted Java and Shamrock. Have also noticed that the Belgian Cocoa e-liquid tastes even better than it does in prefilled carts.