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5.0 5
Posted on 10/5/13
Menthol Sample Pack - 100% SATISFIED
Wanting to try some other Menthol flavors, I ordered the sample pack. I was impressed immediately. The sample pack was shipped in a Halo Tin - inside was a foam insert that secured the 6 bottles. The overall appearance and thought behind this is why we all have Halo in the first place.

Add to that, the six flavors included all professional and quality. This would make an awesome Christmas gift. If you interested in trying new flavors, but leery to buy them individually then Halo Sample packs are by far the way to go. Six great flavors, professional appearance, top notch product. It's a Win - Win!!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/26/13
Love Menthol!
The Kringles Curse and the Menthol Ice is Awesome! Havent tried them all yet but they are awesome!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/24/13
Just what you need for the new vapers to find out what flavor is best for you. Halo has great flavors so give em a try. Great price too.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/20/13
FABULOUS intro to HALO e-lquids!
This sampler pack is a great introduction to HALO’s menthol line up at a reasonable price 42ml of e-juice for $24.99! I ordered mine at 12mg. Just a note for new vapers.. go a step above what you think you should order… it’ll keep the heebie-jeebies away until you can step down your nicotine level. If you find it too high or harsh, you can always get some lower nic level FUSION to dilute it without affecting flavor. Everyone’s tastes are different – but HALO has something different for everyone!
Here’s my taste on MY menthol sampler flavors:
SUB-ZERO: WOW just a powerful, clear out your sinuses blast! Actually I vaped this one all day (this turned out to be the last time I had an analog) IF I had a do-over I’d have vaped Menthol Ice or Mystic that first day as I did wake up with a for lack of a better explanation a throat hit throat lol! Definitely the TOP menthol as far as strength. Did go out to my local supply shop and got a 30ml bottle! Great alone or mixer!
MYSTIC: Ahh yes this is just a very smooth, soothing menthol. Then there’s a hint of mint sweet on the exhale. Plainly put VERY NICE not too sweet, not too minty.
COOL MIST: Just a pure clean menthol each time. No sweetness, not a mint a definite menthol flavor that made choosing a favorite VERY hard!
MENTHOL ICE: Surprisingly THIS turned out to be my all day vape. Just pure menthol and a little bite, clean and crisp! First chance I had I ordered a 30ml bottle!
KRINGLES CURSE: PURE peppermint sweetness! Since I purchased a Café’Mocha, I saved this bottle for adding to my cocoa’s and chocolate vapes to have my dessert vape with zero calories.
HX3: Here I ran into a bit of a WHAT? I really couldn’t find any menthol in this (sorry HALO). I put it on the back shelf and let some time go by. When revisited well I was still looking for the menthol so I bammed it with Sub-Zero – DONE DEAL! This is one you just have to try for yourself.
All in all taste is so subjective – this is well worth $24.99. I’ve kept the tin foam for filling, the tin for my smaller bottles (save them – easy to carry when you’re going out!) 5 out of 6 are definite re-orders! Whatever HALO does they do it with our reviews in mind. That is why I reorder. Thanks HALO for such a diverse line-up of quality e-juices!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/14/13
A Great Assortment!
I was a menthol smoker so this was the first ejuice I purchased. I wanted to try all of the flavors. I loved all of them except for the HX3. Definitely not my flavor but my first pick is Mystic. Love it! 2nd - Cool Mist. 3rd - Sub Zero, 4th - Menthol Ice & 5th Kringles Curse. For a first time menthol user, this is a must have!
4.0 5
Posted on 9/14/13
Menthal vs candy peppermint
Ok I love menthol but I'm really not into peppermint candy. I feel there's a big difference. In this pack I really enjoyed Menthol Ice, Cool mist, and Mystic. All 3 have a sweet taste that I've really come to crave. I exhale very slow so I can enjoy the flavors. I can't even decide which is my favorite. HX3 I think it was I did not care for at all. That one was not menthol or peppermint, more like caramel buttered popcorn. And the other two would be great if I had the flu. I will hold onto them who knows maybe I can add it to another ejuice flavor. Minus one star for only liking half of the samples provided. And being as my starter pack came with menthol ice. This really only helped me find 2 new flavors that i enjoy. Wish it came with a fruity flavor maybe tiki or the apple one. I like menthol, i like sweet, but way too much peppermint on Subzero and Kringles Curse and no clue why the other one was even included. I will say Menthol Ice, Mystic and Cool Mist to me right now are 5 star juices. Will have to vape some more to determine which I enjoy better.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/3/13
There is a a generous amount for being a sampler. I'm actually impressed by how much they give you. For anyone who wants to change up their menthol experience this is a great way to mix things up!
5.0 5
Posted on 8/28/13
Great Way to Start off
This is a great way to try out Halo's Menthols. You will find a favorite (or two, or three...)
If you're new to Halo and don't know where to start (and you like menthols)-Get this sample pack! You won't be disappointed. It's a great value for the amount of high quality liquid you receive. Tons of flavor! You don't have to waste your money on "extra flavor shots" like some other companies.

SubZero- An extreme cool. Definitely stronger than the others in this pack. No sweet taste with this one. Just pure icy menthol. I can even feel the coolness in my nose! My absolute favorite!

Kringle's Curse- To me, this is one that I like when I'm running low on my other flavors. The Halo quality is there, I just don't care for the peppermint flavor. Reminded me of a certain peppermint liquor.

CoolMist & Menthol ICE were very similar to me. Great menthol flavor.

Mystic- My second favorite after SubZero. A very clean taste with just a hint of sweetness.

HX3- I'll have to go back and try more of this at a later date. I don't like a lot of tobacco tasting eliquids so this didn't appeal to me. I could sense the menthol, just not enough in my opinion. Has a certain taste to it which is hard to describe.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/21/13
Killer deal!
Subzero and Kringle's Curse are amazing! Best menthol flavors I've found. Thick vapor and strong throat hit is insane. Cool mist is my all day vape. It would be awesome to have a 30 ml pack for sale.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/20/13
Great variety
I was new to Halo and couldn't decide what menthol flavor I would like. Luckily they offer this sample pack at a good price. Comes in a nice tin also. I'm really enjoying Halo flavors, glad I made the change.