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5.0 5
Posted on 3/14/14
Menthol Sampler
All of these flavors are awesome and unique in my opinion. I am new to the e-cig/e-juice world and just got my stuff in the mail 2 days ago. Loving the products from Halo... already have referred some friends... Anyhow I'm not certain that I have a favorite as they are all different. Not a huge fan of the HX3 stuff but i'm sure I can mix it with other flavors (menthol or gourmet) and it'll be just fine.

The Kringle's Curse is good stand alone or is a great mix with almost anything! Adds some life to the menthol liquids in my opinion. If I had to pick a favorite I would say Cool Mist or Menthol Ice. SubZero is a bit much menthol but if u just drip in another liquid or some Kringle's Curse... it's just fine!

I highly recommend this sampler and Halo products for any e-liquid user at any level!
4.0 5
Posted on 3/13/14
Not bad at all.
This is a great sampler pack if you are a big fan of the menthol flavors. There are a few liquids that stand out here with really unique flavors. First, the subzero flavor is unmatchable by any other menthol out there. It's the strongest, coolest menthol vape you're gonna get. It has a slight hint of licorice to it and you honestly feel like you've been chewing on mints all day after vaping this. Must try. Next up is Kringle's Curse. This is a much more subtle menthol that has almost a sugar water and peppermint flavor to it. It's sweet and doesn't hit you in the face with mint as hard. The HX3 liquid seems a little out of place for this sampler in that the prominent flavor is more tobacco/lime than mint, but it's very interesting to see that end of the menthol spectrum too. Ironically this became my favorite eliquid and it's great to mix it up when you've been vaping purely menthols for a while and need something different. The other flavors in this sampler have subtle differences and are similar to the subzero for me but a little more subdued in the kick. Great throat hits from every liquid in this sample.
4.0 5
Posted on 3/12/14
Menthol craziness!
They all taste great and give off mad vapor! My favorite is Kringle's Curse, twisted peppermint/candy cane favors that will make you want to smack Santa Clause himself! I will be ordering big bottles of that. Good stuff...
4.0 5
Posted on 3/12/14
Would recommend highly!
Being new to vaping I had no clue where to start with flavors, strength etc, So I was pleasantly surprised when I happened upon this sample pack on your site. I would suggest this set to anyone who can't decide on a flavor. I particularly like the subzero with it's burst of fresh mint flavor. Some people may find it overpowering which is why I only smoke this one when I want a pick me up. Menthol Ice is the one I have finally settled on from this pack, Nice throat hit with no irritation after prolonged use. The HX3 was the only one I truly disliked, It tasted like buttered popcorn which I found quite disturbing and also has that that weird oily after taste . All in all though I had the chance to enjoy some great product for a reasonable price.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/8/14
Great way
This is the best way to get to know all Halo´s Menthol juices. And they all rock! Although this is just menthol flavors, you can clearly see and experiment the subtle differences between then. My favorites was Kringles and Sub zero. Find yours!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/3/14
Minty Freshness
I got this sample pack and have tried a few of the flavors. First off, the presentation in the tin is fantastic! Thumbs up to Halo once again! My favorite flavors are SubZero, Kringle’s Curse for sure! I actually moved up to buying the 30ML bottles.
4.0 5
Posted on 3/2/14
Good starter pack
This is a good way to keep from over spending on flavors you're not too sure of.
Wasn't a fan of half of them but at least found what two flavors I really enjoy.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/22/14
Great variety pack!
I really like all the flavors, but Sub Zero, of course, takes the cake. Menthol Ice is great if you think Sub Zero is too strong. I'm glad they offer a variety pack like this so you don't end up wasting your money on flavors you wouldn't really like.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/20/14
Great Value
I have been searching for a good menthol. I have tried numerous ones and have been unhappy.
I was so happy when I got my Halo menthol sample pack... Nice little tin that it comes in. Yes the center is empty but since I ordered a fushion sample also... it fits nicely in there.
I have no doubt that there will be a menthol flavor in the pack that suits every type of menthol lover.... Sub zero is too strong for me, but it can be mixed with something else so it will not go to waste. Menthol ice is my favorite menthol flavor. HX3 doesn't have enough menthol and yet I love it. In fact I have begun to crave it lol.... It has a unique flavor! And I love the smell. I mixed it with a little sub zero to give it a kick and WOW. I just love it. Some have said they don't care for it, but to each his own. I have tasted so many, I am just so happy to have found the right liquid for me. It is important to get quality. Sure we all like to save a few dollars. Halo's prices are reasonable and their quality is excellent. So even thought I originally got the sample pack to figure out which menthol is for me. I will be buying the sample pack again because its like getting 2 little bottles for free along with the tin... price wise. Some of the flavors are great to mix with other Halo liquids.
4.0 5
Posted on 2/16/14
5/6 35ml for $27
Worse to best : Hx3 | Kringle's Curse | Coolmist | Menthol Ice | Mystic I Sub-Zero (In my opinion).
Tin can 3.5 inch in Diameter 2 inch Length, inside has a nice foam-roulette-style that sits 6 flavor and a cylinder foam in the middle. Hx3 .. I have no words my words have failed me(no clue why they added this flavor don't remember if its even has a menthol taste). Kringle's Curse taste like those mint candy you get from Christmas. Coolmist, watered down Menthol Ice and Mystic good but not great. Menthol Ice flavor is great taste, like Mystic but more on the Menthol side. Mystic, pretty.. pretty....pretty.....preeeetty good taste, would recommend getting the full bottle has a hint of Menthol. Sub-Zero by far the best refreshing menthol taste, chill your throat really well. ( Sorry for the wall of text).