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5.0 5
Posted on 7/16/13
Great way to experience Halo E-Liquid
I ordered this sample pack along with my Triton Starter Kit. There was just too many choices of liquid, so this pack was perfect for me.

Each flavor comes in a 7ml size, and arrives in a cool-looking tin (my wife commented how professional the packaging seemed for all of the Halo products).

So I had four empty tanks, and started with four different flavors, then later tried the other two remaining flavors. My top 3 are definitely Tribeca, Torque 56, and Turkish Tobacco. I wanted to be able to try a few of the flavors before I committed to a 30 ml size, which I was able to do with this pack....just ordered my 30 ml bottle of Tribeca.

I won't go on about how I think each flavor tastes, because each of our tastes is pretty unique, but if you're looking for a good way to try some of the Halo tobacco-flavored liquids, you can't go wrong with this pack!
5.0 5
Posted on 7/9/13
Great selection and a great value.
Even if you are an experienced vaper, you will want to get this Halo offering to acquaint yourself with their awesome selection of tobacco flavors, and at this price you cannot go wrong.

From the sweet, mild flavor of Tribeca, to the dry, earthy Prime 51, to the high-octane Torque 56, there is something here for every tobacco lover's taste. You may not love every one, but they are all undeniably good in their own way.

I initially filled a blank cart with each and just randomly worked my way through them. Of course, I gravitated to some more than others, but after a few days (and empty bottles) I returned to give those less favored a second chance. Guess what? Either my tastes had changed, or their flavors had opened up while steeping. There really is no bad juice in this bunch.

My only regret is that they did not include Freedom Juice in this sampler; however, I somehow had the foresight (and was just short of $75 and did not want to pay for shipping) to spend the $5.99 extra for a 7ml bottle. It is a great addition to this pack. And there is an extra spot available in the middle of the tin for it. That's kismet!
5.0 5
Posted on 7/6/13
Definitely worth it
Getting this sampler was better than I expected; the flavors are similar, but with clear distinctions. You will definitely find a favorite, but you won't hate any of them.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/4/13
Awesome Way to Find Your Flavor
Halo just makes great juice. Period. Not a single flavor in this pack is bad, and only one that I didn't really like -- which was Prime 15 and is a favorite of many and was the flavor that my dad tried and sold him on a G6 Starter Kit.

We started with Tribeca and already knew we loved it, but I was very impressed to find that I liked the Longhorn just as much, if not more. Each other flavor makes a nice change of pace for me now and then when I'm not filling from my big bottles. I have too many other flavors to try as a new Halo customer to get this again right away, but I will in the future because variety is nice, flavors are good and this is actually a better deal, dollar per ml than the 30 ml bottles.
3.0 5
Posted on 7/1/13
Liked half of the flavors
Really enjoyed the flavor of the Tribeca and Turkish liquids. The Midnight Apple grew on me. The Torque is livable. The Prime 15 had a dirt taste to it tasted and smelled more like a cigar. The Longhorn had more of dry cigar taste and smell as well which some people might like it just wasn't what I expected from the descriptions.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/29/13
great sampler!
I chose this pack to introduce myself to Halo products, and really glad I did.
Some of my most favorites I use now were in this pack. The selection is fair and gives a pretty good range of flavors. With some other company sampler packs you end up with 3ml of liquid, and sometimes that's just not enough to truly understand the flavor. 7ml is plenty to give each liquid a second or a third or even a forth chance, and experience how the flavor evolves over time with steeping. I think I could have easily dismissed some of the juices had the amount been smaller.

I'm also re-using those bottles to carry liquid around. They are pretty durable. And the lovely tin can they came in is now used to store small accessories.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/29/13
A great mix of Halo's BEST!
This is definitely the way to go to try Halo's tobacco flavors! So far I have ordered the Tribeca and Midnight Apple in 30ml! Yum! I am now revisiting Prime 15 and Torque 56, and I am loving those also! Will probably end up ordering these in the 30 ml bottles! These are in my ADV! They are yummy and subtle in their taste. Kudos to Halo for making AMAZING e-liquids!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/24/13
Great deal, lots of options, smooth taste.
I am happy I ordered the 6mg sample pack. I got to really taste the flavor up front with a nice minor throat kick. Now that I know which flavors I like I can go back and order higher mg's. I will also let this pack sit for a few days/weeks to steep, try them all again and see what strikes my mood. I really enjoy the cigarish tobacco flavor of the Tourque56, the Turkish reminded me of the spices in Gin which was actually really nice out of my mini-tank, the prime15 really has a pronounced coco flavor to me, Tribeca will always have a large place in my heart, I got an apple flavor which was very interesting nice after dinner vape and I have one more to try I believe. Really a fantastic deal for all the great liquid you get!
5.0 5
Posted on 6/7/13
There is a very good selection of liquids in this pack. I bought it along with my original G6 ecig a along time ago, and like almost of the liquids. Apple and Torque G6 being my favorites. I would strongly recommend this product to any new customers.
5.0 5
Posted on 6/7/13
helped me find just the right flavor
Being new to vaping I was spending a lot on different E-liquids trying to find one that I really liked. I ordered this sample pack and was very happy with the e-liquids. Each bottle was large enough to fill my clearomizer a few times. This really helped me find just the right flavor. The Tribeca ended up being my favorite!