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5.0 5
Posted on 3/27/14
Hit theSpot
I have only recently been 'properly' introduced to the ecig/vaporing community but I chose to go with a U.S. made product in the Halo brand. I ordered the Triton starter kit and, comparing to the one Blu brand disposable I had used before, I am greatly pleased and even impressed by the quality and value of the Halo Triton system. The Triton system batteries and tank look cool and not like an illegal drug smoking device which is important for my line of work and work atmosphere and the battery/tank work well enough that I do not have to consume a standard cigarette at all during my work day. I am well satisfied with the battery life of the 650 Mah Triton batteries and am expecting long life from the four wicked cores for said batteries. I am not a style hound as much as some but I do enjoy the stylishness of the iridescent colored Triton kit I had ordered for my first foray into the ecig/vape community. I have placed a second order for surplus batteries and cores as well as more e-juice from Halo as I have been pleasantly , if not surprised, at least reassured by the quality of their product. I have smokes reg. cigs for over 20 years and I must say this is the most satisfactory exp. I have had in a product that helps me to lessen my dependance on Marlborro nicotine/smoking products. As long as Halo keeps with present product quality and customer service I will remain a satisfied customer.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/23/14
Love this!
I first started of with the G6 and enjoyed it but lost one so since I had to re-order I figured I would they the Triton and I love it. Great vapor and nice feel to it. I've had compliments on how nice it looks.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/23/14
It's the Ultimate Tank!
Have had my Triton Tank kit for approximately 4 weeks now. I absolutely love it, the flavor you get from the E liquid with the tank, is remarkable. Ordered with the manual battery, and love the fact that I can control the throat hit with the manual battery. The best thing I could have done, and my decision to purchase was made on a whim, but don't know what I would do without it, after just 4 weeks. I plan to purchase the starter kit for my nephew in the near future. Get lots of comments on the appearance of the triton Iridescence Triton Tank as well. It's a fashion statement, who would have ever imagined!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/22/14
Great product
This set up is a great deal. It produces as much vapor as I could hope for and the battery life is amazing. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/22/14
Worth every penny
Very nice. I am very happy I purchased this unit it works great and my order came in record time, and I am vaping on my new Halo as I write. Thanks Halo.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/20/14
Looked around the web after the over $200 failure of my first e-cig. Kept hoping this would be better. Went with the Triton tank system because my last e-cig was carts with polyfill. After only two or three hours the vape would taste burnt. Had to use a new cart every two days. Even called customer service, and all they said was "that doesn't happen"... ok, but it did, consistently! He had no advice for me at all, so I decided to try again. Got my iridescence kit this morning and I am in HEAVEN! NO MORE BURNT POLYFILL! Gotta try more flavors... been chain vaping all day and have yet to have to charge the battery... wow.
Go Halo!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/20/14
I just received my Triton starter kit today and I could not be happier. I came very close to dismissing it because of all the failures of the others I've tried but I am glad I didn't. It is easy to set up, easy to use and gives you the satisfaction of an actual drag from a cigarette. It also produces way more vapor when you exhale than any other I've tried. It is pretty big and bulky but that is easy enough to get used to. I definitely recommend this to anyone.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/19/14
Superior product
Great vapor production! Beats the heck out of the more common cartridge style ecigs. The iridescent color is pretty cool, too. I like that replacement parts are pretty reasonable. I would highly recommend this!
5.0 5
Posted on 3/18/14
So Glad I Tried Triton!
I just assumed that since the G6 was newer, it would be better. While the G6 is an excellent system, especially for newbies, the Triton system is awesome. I was looking for something with more power, but didn't want to get into the whole modification scene (I'm not an electrical engineer!). The Triton is the way to go. I love the look of the iridescent battery with the cone. I use cartos, because I tend to flood the tanks. Keep up the good work, Halo. How about a carry case - similar to the one you have for the G6 system? Perhaps to hold one battery, a cone & four cartos?
5.0 5
Posted on 3/17/14
Awesome Starter Kit
On the advice of several friends, many YouTube reviews and after hours of research on the more prominent e-cig forums/message boards I realized that Halo was certainly the way to get into vaping. Whether you're experienced of new to the scene of vaping, Halo is undoubtedly the way to go and the Tritan starter kit DOES NOT disappoint!! I couldn't be happier with everything about Halo! With their amazing products, customer service, pricing communication and ease of doing business with, one need not waste their time (and money) trying numerous different e-cigs! Go with the best off the bat, you'll be happier and have more to spend on Halo's e-liquids which are already known for being top notch and competitively priced. Vapor production out of the Titan kit is absolutely AMAZING even when compared to much more expensive (and troublesome to use) e-cigs. No need for a masters in electrical engineering here...fill it, charge it, vape it. Thank you Halo!!