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5.0 5
Posted on 10/8/14
I have had the Iridescence Triton starter kit (650mAh batteries) for 8 months now and it is still going strong. The battery doesn't last as long as when I first received it but it has outlasted every expectation I had. I ordered a second starter kit a couple of months ago just in case the first died out on me and I lost both of my new ones in their case :( Thankfully I had old the old trusty first kit. I just ordered 2 of the Variable Voltage batteries and cannot wait to try them. Thank You Halo!
4.0 5
Posted on 9/17/14
Iridescence Triton Kit
I love this starter kit and I think all of my researching has paid off on what hardware to purchase. The 650 mAh battery will last me all day and sometimes into the next day. I love the color and design of the batteries. The iridescent batteries look awesome with all the tank colors. :) I am a professional designer and I absolutley love the Halo Triton design. The only con I have with my starter kit os tje 808D-1 VGO threading. It is hardly compatible with anything else out there. I am thinking about buying an adapter so it will make my Triton batteries more compatible with all sorts of different cartomizers and tanks that have a 510 threading. The threading is the only reason for a 4 star instead of 5.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/11/14
Worth Every Penny
I have tried serveral different brands of starter kits and e-liquids. However, my Triton, is by far, the best of the bunch. You will not be disappointed.
4.0 5
Posted on 9/10/14
Excellent product !
This is my first e-cigarette ever. After one week with the Halo Triton Tank, I've never been so happy. The product is working very well (as described) and I love Halo e-liquids. The only thing is one of the 2 batteries had a small scratch but it's working. Excellent ++++
5.0 5
Posted on 9/6/14
So far, so GREAT
I am new to vaping and have had many awful experiences in the last few years. I have tried the "Blu" e-cig starter pack even spending $85.00, only to find that no matter how I tried, I couldn't get a powerful enough throat hit. With that being said, upon receiving my Triton starter kit with dual 650 mAh's... I'm utterly shocked. It is like if my smarter twin experienced my issues with other failed attempts at e-cigs and set out to create THE BEST throat hit and vapor a heavy smoker could ask for. At the time of this review, I've owned the product 2 days with no trouble whatsoever... I will and currently am starting to spread the word. There's a good reason they chose to name the company HALO, it really is an angel sent to help those with disbelief in e-cigarettes.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/31/14
Way more than expected!
I waited a long time to write this review because I wanted to ensure that I gave a good and accurate review. So here it goes! I LOVE this system! The batteries last a very long time, even with heavy use, and charge very quickly. The color is durable, gorgeous,and due to the nature of the iridescence, it doesn't easily show scratches. I love the size of the tank, it allows lots of vaping without constant refills. The ease of filling and cleaning the tank was something I never would have considered but WOW, I am floored! I would definitely recommend this item, especially to new vapers.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/30/14
Simply the best!
I've had my Triton for about a year now and I adore it! I purchased the starter kit which comes with everything you would need to start other than liquid of course! The batteries have a long life and you get two of them so if yours does happen to die while your out, no biggie, you have a second one! The quality is top notch, the button is raised so no searching for it, the tanks are easy to fill and screw on. In a year, I've never had any leaks or other issues from the tanks or batteries! You just can't go wrong with Halo! I don't care what anyone tells you, not your friends, not reviewers of other vaping hardware, nobody, I am telling you right here and now that the Halo Triton is the best out there! In fact, everything Halo has to offer is the best! I am not being paid and was not asked to say all this. I am just a truly happy and satisfied customer who really enjoys everything I have purchased from Halo!

5.0 5
Posted on 8/21/14
The best vaping experience
I got the Iridescence Triton Tank Kit as an upgrade to my G6. I am very impressed and cannot believe the vapor you get out of this setup. It's a very sturdy unit, the vape and battery life is much longer than the G6. The tanks are very easy to clean and fill. It's nice to have the coil and wick on the top than on the bottom which is a nice addition. The cone is a little large (for the cartomizer) but a drip tip fixes that and makes it look better too. The juices taste so phenomenal in these tanks. For the money you will not regret the Halo Triton experience. It might even surprise you, as it has to me, and I have experienced with different brands and setups.
5.0 5
Posted on 8/17/14
Triton, one of the best vaping experiences ever!
I tried several e-cigarettes and after reading numerous reviews...Halo was always talked about, so I decided to try it. I couldn't be happier! Granted, I've only tried one flavor thus far but the Halo Triton is blowing my mind. The smoothness, airflow, capacity, and life of the Triton system will blow your mind!! If you're used to e-cigarettes such as Blu, V2, South Beach, etc. Nothing compares, and I'm being totally honest!! Since I bought the Triton, I've tried some other EGO/Pens in effort to expand my experiences. Honestly, the biggest problem I've run into is leaking, efficiency, and flooding. NONE of this has happened with the Triton, which begs to Halo's wonderful manufacturing quality. I do consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur, and I can tell you....the Halo Triton is easily in my best TWO vapes ever! You owe it to yourself to give the Triton a shot...and with variable voltage batteries, a decent selection of flavors (though I would love to see more), and coils of different resistances. There's no way you can't handle the Triton vaping to perfection for you as an individual. Halo customer for life!! Be one as well!
5.0 5
Posted on 8/11/14
The Halo Triton System is the best Tanked e-cigarette that I have ever had. I have tried multiple different brands and they have all broken within a month. I am able to keep the Halo in my pocket all day without worrying that the battery will fall apart or worrying that the tank will leak in my pocket. I have been using mine for almost a year and it is still working strong!