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5.0 5
Posted on 10/23/13
Just received the Triton tank kit and liquid/juice
Amazed at the quality of everything received and can honestly say I wish I had found this sooner and not wasted my money elsewhere. Not only that, the quality of the liquid/juice is amazing compared to anything I have ever tried. All I can say is wow...I will never go anywhere else for supplies or liquid/juice. Thank you Halo...Shipping and communication was also 1st class. 5 stars all the way !!!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/22/13
Starter Kit
I absolutely love my new kit. The delivery was very fast. I was a bit surprised to find it did not come with any instructions, however after just a little research on my computer, I felt like a pro in a matter of minutes. I would recommend getting a sample pack as well. I have had this product for just over a day and I am so happy to have made the worthwhile transition to the Halo Triton e-cigarette!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/22/13
You Can't Go Wrong!
First let me say the Triton is absolutely the best way to go. The triton is easy to use, easy to fill,and the taste is absolutely awesome, at least with the Tribeca juice. When you by the kit go ahead and buy the replacement coils, not because they wear out to fast but because there cheap enough and easy to replace. I clean my coils once a week and there still working fine. I haven't tried the 3.0 coils yet. Supposed to be a smoother hit with same vapor amount. I'm also going to try the Variable Voltage battery with the 3.0 coils. That makes any adjustment a finger click away. No need to worry about what coils to buy at that point. Only use 3.0 coils with the V.V. battery.
3.0 5
Posted on 10/16/13
Great Vapor Production, Color Doesn't Match the Picture
First, let me say the Triton is an absolutely fantastic unit - I rated 3 stars here simply because the color is not at all what is shown on the website; it's vastly different. The picture shows dark purple and blue colors, and when the unit arrived I was surprised to see a great deal of yellow, pink and light blue in the batteries - just not what I expected and while it may be great for some, I found all the pastels a bit off-putting for me. Having said that, the Triton performs beautifully! I upgraded from the G6 (which I still love), to the 650 mAh Triton batteries and the vapor production is vastly superior! The flavors of the same liquids that I used in the G6 are richer and more pronounced, and you don't have to draw nearly as hard to get a very large, thick hit of vapor - I love it! The battery life is also outstanding! I vape on breaks and lunch at work, on my morning and evening commutes, and most of the evening at home, and the 650 mAh battery lasts almost 2 days on a charge, and charges in under 2 hours. I'm exchanging for a black set of Triton batteries this week - the Iridescence color just isn't for me. From a functionality standpoint, however, the Triton is simply awesome!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/16/13
One of the best purchases I've ever invested in!!!
In the past I tried various types of "E-cigarettes" and I was never able to commit to them because they just weren't reliable by any means. So when I purchased this starter kit I really did my research! I look on every on-line review i could find and even went onto YouTube to see their reviews and not once did I hear or read anything negative about this product! Everyone said it was either "the best" or "one of the best" vaporizers on the market. Even with all that positive feedback I heard about the Triton, I was still a little hesitant when I bought it.
At this point, I've been "vaping" with the Triton for 2 weeks now! I seriously think this is a revolutionary product and is so far beyond what others are putting out these days.
When I bought the starter kit I got the 650 manual battery and loved it so much I upgraded and purchased the variable voltage battery which really blew my mind! I keep recommending this product to my friends on "FB" because this product can save peoples health! One of the best purchases I've ever invested in!!!
For all you smokers thinking about crossing over into the world of "vaping"... PLEASE DO!!! This product can help you save your health and save money and I say this with all sincerity! Thank you halo for such an awesome and life changing product!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/13/13
Love it!!
Thank goodness my first attempt at ecig was the Triton Tank Kit. Love it. Only had it for 5 days so far, and it is great. I use the mystic in the medium nicotine. Going to recommend Halo Triton to all my friends. Totally satisfied.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/13/13
I just got this yesterday in the mail and I still have not put it down. It is the best e cig I have ever used. I have already put in another order for more e juice! You will not be disappointed if you buy this. It is a great upgrade from your normal e cigs!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/12/13
Best starter kit I've had
This starter kit is a wonderful idea. Allowing the customer to choose 2 different batteries was smart. The batteries work better than advertised! Thanks
Love the case!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/11/13
Totally Awesome
I decided that I wanted to give vaping another shot. A co worker turned me on to the Halo Triton and two weeks later I can honestly say that I like it. If you are considering vaping this is the one!
5.0 5
Posted on 10/11/13
Love the color
I just love the color of the Iridescence ... just stunning.