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5.0 5
Posted on 1/10/14
So I've been using the G6 for a month or so and finally got the Triton, I'm in love!!! I have yet to even charge it because its still going strong after 3 days. I do enjoy vaping and consider myself a heavy vapor, the life of this battery is outstanding.
As far as the vapor produced, get ready to get spoiled! Its better then anything I've ever used. The flavors are so much stronger, the e juice is easy to see and refills are a snap to do.
Thank u Halo for yet another rockin product.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/9/14
I love My Triton Tank kit!!!
Being a brand new e-cig user, I started with the G6 system. I loved it but found that I'm going be to be a much heavier vaporer than I had anticipated. I bought the Triton Tank system to go with my G6. I just love the Tritons more than I can say. I get compliments from people everywhere I go. I should be handing out Halo business cards. Awesome product Halo, thanks!
5.0 5
Posted on 1/3/14
Awesome product
Love the Triton tank system. This is the first e-cig I have bought that was not a disposable. I love it. The Voodoo juice is the best I have tried so far. Would definitely recommend to friends..
5.0 5
Posted on 1/1/14
Triton Kit
I have tried other e-cigs before (the kind that look like a cigarette), and wasn't satisfied. My best friend gifted me a Halo Triton kit for Christmas. These e-cigs actually satisfy your nicotine cravings.
5.0 5
Posted on 12/30/13
Thoroughly Impressed
I was hesitant to believe all the hype about the whole "vaping" business. But, after using this for a week ... I'm sold.
5.0 5
Posted on 12/24/13
Great Solid Vapor!
I purchased the Iridescence Triton Tank Starter Kit, I love the metallic color. The battery life is amazing, and the vapor output is nuts! This is such a good system and I've been enjoying it some months now. It comes shipped very well and still looks brand new. The overall quality is superb and I'm very pleased with halo and the juices to date. Highly recommended! Great product!
5.0 5
Posted on 12/23/13
Fantastic product! Must buy!
I love the Halo Triton! I've had absolutely no problems with this product, and it works amazing. The coloration on the battery is beautiful. It charges quickly and keeps a charge for quite some time, and works very well! Always produces a lot of vapor, and great taste. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is a vaper or interested in becoming one. Very good product for beginners just getting in to this style. Highly recommended product from a great company!
5.0 5
Posted on 12/22/13
Great product
The color iridescence is cute look a tad different then the picture but still cute. I ordered the 650 mah and have been using it for 2 days now still haven't had to charge it yet. The smoke production is really good after you get it going with just a few big puffs. <3
5.0 5
Posted on 12/20/13
The best purchase I have made all year. Everything you need to get started. The color is beautiful and shiny. Besides being able to vape like a professional the look of this system is very appealing to the eye. I ordered both of the large batteries and they last me for a couple of days before having to recharge. I am very impressed with this system and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade or to start vaping.
5.0 5
Posted on 12/18/13
Beautiful tank!
The shipping was fast, I got my starter kit in 2 days. They package it well, and in a beautiful case. When I opened it, I was in aww of how beautiful it is. It's so easy to put it together! The tank is simple to fill. I'd say this is just as easy as a G6. Unscrew the top, fill with your choice of liquid *voodoo is amazing :)* screw cap back on, attach to the tank, and vape away. I used to use Blu, and I have to say I'm floored by how much different they are. This one feels very well made, not to heavy, and the battery last a lot longer than the blu. So compare prices, this one has them beat inside and out. Thanks for making such a beautiful piece of equipment.