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5.0 5
Posted on 2/23/14
Perfect kit
I love this product and I've tried other ecigs and this one has outlasted them its a great purchase and this company really has good merch.
5.0 5
Posted on 10/7/13
The proof is in the pudding
The quality and range of the product line, the first class delivery service and customer care, is simply further evidence of how well this company is run. I am glad to be a customer and intend to be one for a long time.
5.0 5
Posted on 7/25/13
The Halo Triton tank system is an amazing e-cig rig. I have tried numerous e-cig products over the past few years. Blu, NJOY, SmokeTip, South Beach, etc... none of them can hold a candle to the Triton. In terms of battery life/power and vapor production, it doesn't get any better. If you ever considered kicking big tobacco but still want that nic fix, this should be the only product you ever buy. FANTASTIC!
3.0 5
Posted on 4/16/13
Buy the parts seperate!
The hardware is great. The tanks look and feel like they will prevent leaking for a while. The batteries are solid and look incredible. Having the operation button color match the battery color is a great addition. The coils lock into the tank securely. Just be careful not to over tighten (Halo warns of this in the Triton FAQs as well as the online manual). Everything locks together very well and feels secure. My impression is that the parts included will last along time and not encounter many leaks. The Halo case included is sharp looking and holds everything included snug.

The rest of the review is directed towards the kit and not the individual components:

It is a shame that Halo does not allow the customer to purchase the upgraded batteries while still receiving all of the other items in the kit. Also, since all of the tank colors are the same price it would have been nice to be able to receive the matching color to the battery. Or maybe an option to change for an increase in price.

The included case will only hold the shorter and less powerful batteries. The molding in the case is based on the battery size included in the kit. This is nice but once you upgrade your parts it will no longer serve its full purpose. I guess you can remove the padding but then it will just be a plastic box.
Frequent burnt taste when vaping. Even after making sure the coil was not too tight. This could be related to the fact that I filled the tank and tried to vape with the plastic guard that is over the coil. New to coil tanks I did not even think to check. I still need to test my other coil and tank.

I should have went with my gut and purchased two of the strongest batteries in the Triton series by themselves. Then I could have added two tanks (blue to match my batteries) as well as the wall and usb charger (the cone is kind of worthless unless you plan to use their cartomizers). The ending price would have been a bit higher and I would lose out on the Halo case (no other cases available for it so this was a big selling point on the kit).

I am a huge fan of Halocigs.com. I purchased my first ecig kit from this website. Most of my favorite eliquid flavors come from Halo. I am a frequent shopper of this company and support it completely. This kit was a big disappoint for me as seasoned ecig user and Halo customer. I know I will be forced to purchase the stronger batteries to get the best experience from the Triton series. I wish Halo would offer some sort of exchange of everything included (besides the used tanks). When purchasing the kit you have to search way more than you should in order to find the battery strength included. Having a "starter kit" case that will not fit the upgraded batteries destroys the idea of "starting" out with this product. As soon as I upgrade my battery size I cannot fit everything in the case properly.

Any future customers looking to buy a tank device I strongly recommend that you purchase the Triton series. Buy two stronger batteries (you can buy two different colors), two tanks with color to mix or match, and finally the wall and usb charger. The cone is not needed unless you plan on using the G6 carts with the Triton battery.