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5.0 5
Posted on 4/17/14
"Superb Product"
Just received my new Halo Triton starter kit and I have to say I am extremely impressed with the quality of this product. My V2 is now a thing of the past.. Great Vapor..Love it
5.0 5
Posted on 3/29/14
Very Pleased
I bought this starter kit about 3.5 weeks ago, and since then i haven't put it down. The battery life is very good, way better then i imagined it would be. I did also buy the variable volt battery, and boy is it a good combination. The red color is outstanding, and as a whole the ecig is very durable. Very Impressed.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/24/14
Best e-cig system yet
I bought this system because I have tried almost every system that is out there and was never satisfied with the quality. I can say without a doubt this is by far the best system I have found.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/18/14
First tank system and loving it!
Fantastically simple and reliable system. I've had this system for about a month and a half or so and have absolutely loved it. Never had a problem the whole time, batteries on a full charge last at least a day and a half vaping roughly 1.5 ml a day. Def. would recommend to anyone looking to get this kind of system.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/14/14
Best that I've tried.
It's easy to assemble, fits together nice and solid and best of all it vapes well and is easy to charge.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/12/14
Awesome !
Wandered upon this product and the Halo Site when looking for cardomizers for my e-cigs and spotted the Halo advertisement in the process and boy and I am glad I did. I was very dissatisfied with the e-cigs as I felt I was not getting the flavor or mouth feel from the e-cigs. read a lot on the Halo Site about Vapping and decided to take the plunge. LOVE the set. At first puff I immediately knew I found what I had been missing and have never looked back.. The throat hit is amazing and the battery life is awesome. I can charge it once a day and off to work or where ever and never have to worry about being without a puff. The Demon Red color suits me to a tee. Will continue with the Triton unless Halo develops a better vaping system, but I don't see how.
5.0 5
Posted on 3/5/14
Price is low for the quality, this kit is more than an ego branded kit. Presentation is first class.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/23/14
a great little kit
This is my first halo product, had a kanger 2 tank and smok battery, for a week before ordering this set up.
The triton tank worked perfectly right out of the box. Batteries were both fully charged, and have been vapping on it since I got it. I am going through the variety packs of flavors now.
The shipping was really fast to. Took less than a week to get my order.
The battery is quite small, like smoking a small cigar, overall length with the tip is only about 6.5 inches. a lot less cumbersome than the kanger set up. Lighter too.
Another great comparison, is the atomizer wicking. On the kanger the wick is minute, at the bottom of the tank. Meaning it needs to be held up right to vap that last little bit. With triton, the wick fills the tank, and can vap like it was a cigarette.
I am very happy with the purchase. it may have cost a little more than the kanger, but it was well worth the money, so do not make my rookie mistake buy the triton tank.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/16/14
Highly Recommend
I received my Demon Red Triton Tank Kit in a timely fashion. I did a lot of research before purchasing as I wanted the best quality product possible. I have tried other vapor cigs before and nothing compares to Halo. It's worth every penny. The throat hit is excellent, quality of product (tank, battery, charger pieces), and liquid are Amazing. By far deserves 5 Stars. Very pleased with Halo company and products. Thanks Halo for a great product.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/4/14
My Halo Experience
I'll try to make this short and sweet. I started vaping with the Triple 7 Bullet, not bad by any means but non-comparable to Halo's Triton. Here's why:

The Triton Tanks have a long wick, Triple 7 short wick and more times than not the triple 7 gives off a burnt taste. Inherently, it doesn't have removable cores at different burn values.

The amount of liquid the Triton holds is more than impressive, compared to filling a smaller tank numerous times a day.

Customer service is most impressive. I ordered on a Friday morning, the Demon Red starter kit, a package of cores and the HX3. I ordered w/ free shipping and when I looked at my confirmation email, my order had been upgraded to 2 day shipping and $50 insurance at no charge.

This product, is Amazing! All roads lead to Halo! From the packaging, to the vapor production and quality. I am a Halo customer for life!

If your a hesitant customer, don't be. Don't waste your money on other products, and e-juice. Halo has it all and at very reasonable prices.

Thank you!