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5.0 5
Posted on 12/2/13
I hate trying to refill a cartridge. The eyes aren't what they used to be and all that. At the same time, I am not yet ready to graduate to the big boy serious rigs and the thought of rebuilding anything is enough to make me quite nervous.

These are great! They actually add an element of sophistication to the already awesome battery, which I wasn't expecting. The additional length when put on the 78mm battery gives me the same feeling as a 120 mm analog slim, perhaps with one of those '40's cigarette holders? Whatever, it works. Super easy to fill, super easy to see where you are on liquid, super easy to clean.

My only concern is that after sitting some time in a horizontal position, there appears to be a slight leakage of fluid into the tip, which can be somewhat nasty. I've taken to making sure I set it down on something that offers a slight angle to elevate the tip.

Probably will order these in every color so experimentation can proceed! I doubt I will ever use a cartridge again, even if I DO go through more eliquid.
5.0 5
Posted on 12/1/13
So much better
I love these mini tanks. I plan on buying them in every color along with a few more batteries. Love the colors and they really bring out the flavor of the e-liquid.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/24/13
loving the mini tank
Here's the deal, when I starting using Halo G6 and cartomizers, I was extremely happy with the product, the price, the ease of ordering and the variety of choices. Then I tried the mini tank. It makes a great vaping experience even better. They're easy to refill, it's nice to see what's left inside the tank and so on....Where it really shines is it's delivery of the true flavor of your chosen e-liquid and the amount of vapor for such a simple accessory. Couldn't be happier with these little gems.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/24/13
I love my mini tank
I first purchased the mini tank with the intention of using it on occasions when I have a day off and had more time to vape more e-liquids. I was just quitting smoking so I thought I would be using the cartomizers more because they would give me the illusion I thought I needed of a real cigarette in the most critical time of quitting smoking; however, I underestimated the power of the mini tank. Within a week of my receiving my starter, along with my mini tank, not only did I use the mini tank more than I expected, I completely stopped using the cartomizers all together and switched over to using the mini tank all the time. My thought of needing an illusional cigalike was dissipated and replaced with the pronounced flavors I was tasting because of the mini tank. The flavors of every e-liquid I have tried with the mini tank is so clean and clear that it allows you to enjoy all the flavors and undertones that are present in Halo e-liquids. I will continue to buy the mini tank. Amazing product.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/22/13
Smoke Mini Tank
Great product they really worked a good design and I use mine to mix and match flavors to see what works.
4.0 5
Posted on 11/21/13
Nice Design
Looks awesome compared to a standard cartomizer. It's taste is superb as opposed to some as well. The mouthpiece fits perfectly between my lips and it's multipurpose so your able to use the cap for an atomizer once the coil burns out. Some time may pass before the coils will burn so don't worry about that. The measurement on the side helps me keep track of how much juice I vape. The white text is helpful indeed when measuring as I don't have to squint to hard to read.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/10/13
Classic match for the jet black battery
This is the color I go to in order to remain inconspicuous with my G6/Triton jet black batteries. I prefer this over the clear ones, as these look more sober. Also, these smoke colored tanks hide the actual color of the ejuice inside them, in case you do not fancy any particular juice color.
Great tank performance wise. Major step up from the cartos.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/5/13
Easy peasy
These are easier to fill than carts, as you can exactly how much you are putting in without overfilling them, compared to the carts, where you have to watch how "wet" the filling gets. It is also easier to see how much is left, you you don't run out without any warning.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/4/13
Elegant with ease of use!
I prefer to use Halo's G6 mini tanks on both my G6 and Triton batteries. One thing that’s great about these mini tanks is the fact that I can refill the tank in a matter of seconds, versus the cartridges which takes a few min, plus at least 10 minutes to allow the juice to soak in. Personally I don't care for the colored tanks, but the clear and smoke colored tanks are my favorite and look incredible on any colored battery. I seem to get more vapor using the mini tanks than when I use the cartridges. I’ve noticed that a single mini tank lasts me about a week to a week and a half. I would say on average I can refill the 0.9mL tank at least 20 times before starting to taste a burnt flavor, compared to the cartridges which I am only able to refill three times before tasting the burnt in my juice. When I start to taste that, I know to replace the mini tank. On average I go through two to three mini tanks a month at roughly $4 a piece, these are a must have if you own the G6, Triton, or any other 808 threaded battery.
5.0 5
Posted on 11/2/13
Must-Have Accessory for the G6
Mini- Tank Review:
I JUST got these in the mail about an hour ago so I can't review about the longevity of them (although I will once I've been using them for a bit). However, these are simply amazing!
I think that the starter kits should come with these instead (or at least there should be an option). They are soooo much better than the cartomizers (and I love my low-resistance cartomizers - although I didn't love how they tasted and acted after refilling them every day for over a week). The liquid tastes better, they're easier to fill, you can see exactly how much liquid is left and also see exactly how much you've used per day (which will allow me to add up what I'm spending (saving) using my G6 vs smoking).
Also they come with a tip/mouthpiece already (I use my pink drip tip always because I like it better than the little plastic stoppers - mostly because of the mouth feel and the ability to clean it more thoroughly - I don't use it to refill my cartomizers because I find that I get liquid in my mouth if I do so). The tip that's on the mini tank has a smaller mouthpiece (which I like the feel of better) and shouldn't be used to refill the tank (for multiple reasons) but IT IS interchangeable with the drip tips, for looks and feel purposes only - again don't refill the tanks this way. When you refill your mini tank, you need to drip the liquid down the outer inside of the tank and be careful not to get any liquid into the center column (doing so will make the G6 gurgle and could cause damage to the battery - so refilling using the drip tip would be very bad). I'm now a mini-tank user only (once I finish using the package of low resistance cartomizers that I ordered just in case I didn't like the mini tanks). They seem to be more cost effective than the cartomizers because you can use then for longer (supposedly you should boil them in water to clean them - and if you want to change flavors you can rinse them in warm or cool water in the sink). I've heard varying lengths of time that the mini tanks are good for - the shortest amount of time was a week (but I used my cartomizers for over a week before they started to go bad so I suspect that these will last longer than a week, although obviously it depends on how much you're using it).
It'd be nice if Halo provided some kind of guide for this (perhaps the best way would be to state how many hours they're good for or how many refills). Anyway, to sum up this long review - everyone with a G6 should be using mini-tanks - they're simply fantastic. They also look REALLY cool too - I have the Princess Pink batteries & drip tip and the smoke looks great with it (although a pink mini tank would be absolutely divine).
The different colors are also good for keeping track of which liquid is in each one. If I could give these ten stars, I would!!