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5.0 5
Posted on 2/22/14
Looks Great, especially with a Black Battery
I really love Halo’s Mini-Tanks. They let you know just how much liquid you have – when to refill and when to stop. And, with the black tip, the ‘Translucent Smoke’ color maintains that classy/sophisticated appearance when paired with a black battery (also looks very nice with the titanium).
5.0 5
Posted on 2/21/14
I just received my Gray G-6 Mini tanks and theyre exactly what i thought they would be! Awesome gray color with massive vapor production. They're super easy to fill and you follow the lines to know when to stop filling. No leaking and the top stays securely on the tank. Great Halo product here guys/gals! a must have (in my opinion).
5.0 5
Posted on 2/20/14
Perfection - order more than one!
Takes the e-cig experience to the next level with better taste, vapor production, ease of refilling over cartomizers. Paired with my G6 manual battery, the Translucent Smoke color looks great, and you can get a nice long draw of pure flavor. Different colors will help keep track of different e-liquids - so you'll want to order more than one. So far, no problem with leaking at all.
4.0 5
Posted on 2/16/14
Classy looking tank
Smoke is a classy looking color that pretty much goes with any color battery or juice. The only real downside is that in darker light it can make it more difficult to tell how much eliquid you have left or which color of eliquid you have if you have multiple mini tanks. Otherwise it looks great and is a good alternative to just a clear tank if you want something more understated.
4.0 5
Posted on 2/16/14
Worth the $
-really easy to fill
-produce good amount of flavor

-leaks sometimes

Great tank, and good quality for the money.
I will buy more in future for sure.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/15/14
Works great with the G6. Flavor comes through like nothing I have tried and is awesome for trying different flavors. 09ml is perfect for going out and trying to stay within a small package. Not everyone likes using big tanks and this little guy will do the job just right. Only regret i have on this item is not buying more (so I can have more flavors with me) because now I have to check the mail everyday to see if my package has arrived.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/11/14
Super Product
I bought a couple of mini tanks to go w/ my new (& amazing, I might add) Triton battery. They are the perfect size to try new flavors. They work like a charm as they produce vapor & flavor for days! The Smoke colored 1 makes a beautiful set up w/ the Titanium colored Triton. I will order more in the future & highly recommend.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/7/14
Night and Day!
I am vaping out of my Smoke G6 Mini Tank and it is night and day from the cartomizers. Clean taste and more vapor for sure! I may have to invest in a Triton...
5.0 5
Posted on 2/6/14
Perfect size tank!
Since I decided to buy and try out the G6 e-cig I've decided this is the only e-cig for me. The mini-tanks are the perfect size for a discreet e-cig. I prefer the mini-tanks because I like to see and know exactly how much liquid I am using. I prefer filling the tanks myself instead of using the cartomizers and filling is very easy. I have not had any trouble filling these tanks or leaking any liquid. The tip stays on very well and I have not had one come off yet. I like how the tanks are clear yet have some color shading to them. The G6 mini-tanks seem to be very durable and seem to last a while too. I usually change mine out every two weeks so I use about two mini-tanks a month, which is only about eight dollars a month!! The threaded connections are very durable and I have not had any issues with cross-threading or stripping. This is truly a great product made in the USA. I would definitely recommend this g6 e-cig to a friend.
5.0 5
Posted on 2/4/14
Works great with Halo Triton kit
I really enjoy the G6 mini tanks. They work well with the Triton battery and I am able to use the cone that came with my Triton starter kit. I enjoy the fact that I am able to sample e-juice with out having to fill up a tank. This is a great addition.