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5.0 5
Posted on 4/19/13
Very easy to use
I love that you can actually see how much liquid is there and it holds much more than a cartridge. Looks like I am vaping from a dropper but who cares! I can't wait to go outside and get questions, lol.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/15/13
Great clearomizer.
Perfect! Seems like it won't leak in my pocket. Wish it was a bit bigger so I didn't have to refill as often.
4.0 5
Posted on 4/15/13
Decent Tank
I ordered this tank along with a G6 manual battery. So far (about 2 weeks) the tank has worked exceptionally well. It wicks very easily and produces nice vapor with minimal flavor loss. It also works with other brand of batteries. I'm fairly new to vaping so I don't have much else to compare it with but it works well for my needs. Good tank.
5.0 5
Posted on 4/13/13
G6 Tanks
OMG! these are awesome!! So much better than filling the cartomizers. You can see how much is in there and when you have to refill. Not the mess with filling the cartomizers either.
4.0 5
Posted on 4/12/13
Better than other nearly identical models
I have purchased other "mini-tanks" like these from other vendors, for slightly less, but these are worth the extra dollar. They have 4 wicks, where the others I have bought from other vendors had only 2 wicks. It works like a charm.