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4.0 5
Posted on 3/11/14
Performance-wise, these minitanks are just as reliable as any other colour I've tried, though it's worth mentioning the colour of these tanks is far closer to a pale pink than any kind of red.

Personally, the colour doesn't bother me so long as the product does what it says on the tin (plus I use black batteries so any colour looks good), but I thought it would be worth mentioning for others.

If you haven't yet tried mini tanks however, I highly recommend them. A real step up over the carts for the G6 in my opinion, and the flavour is a lot cleaner.

4.0 5
Posted on 2/14/14
Good tank, though with liquid in it its orange
I've become a fan of the minitanks if you like everything about the G6 yet find refilling cartomizers to be a chore or for whatever reason have problems with it. The one note I'd say about the red is to remember more liquids have an amber color, so when filled you'll have something that has more of an orange cast.
4.0 5
Posted on 2/13/14
Alright on the Triton
They burn a little hot on the Triton, but I have not tried them on the G6, which is what they were intended for. The "Red" tank itself is more of a pink color, but it is still a great little piece for on the go or taste testing.
4.0 5
Posted on 2/12/14
red tank
I ordered one of these with two purples.
First thing is...the red is actually a pink, which it did look pink in the pic and that is why i ordered it...so I was hoping it WOULD look more pink, and it does, and that makes me one happy cat :) however,if you are looking for a manlier color, you may want to look at the blue and greens and such, this will be pink not red.
Same with the purple, the sturdiness of this tank is amazing. i have dropped it numerous times and no breaks, no leaks.
i DID accidentally leave it in the freezing cold car for two night and days, so i let it warm up and tried it again... it seemed to have a harder draw then>? i am not sure what happen, but the juice was very thickened and hardened from the cold, so that was my fault.
The reason for the star off, is again, no instructions on how to wash it or maintain it was given with the order. I will be ordering more this week!
4.0 5
Posted on 2/9/14
A fun color
There are lots of options for colors with the mini-tanks from Halo. A lot of people will select the tank that matches their G6 but I mixed and matched tanks for my blue G6. I wanted to have more than one flavor available in any day, and having a different color was a great way to keep things separated. The red one I use for the fruity Malibu flavor because in my mind, the red is the color of many fruits. An added bonus with this color is that it actually looks pink if the ejuice inside isn't very dark. And I'm a woman so I like having that look on my G6!
5.0 5
Posted on 2/5/14
Another homerun from Halo!
I've tried other brands of mini tanks and was generally disappointed with them (clogging & leaking issues). I decided to try the G6 tanks because they were on sale and I've been so impressed with all of Halo's other products. I'm so glad I gave these a try! The vapor output is consistently awesome, and the tanks allow for unmatched purity of flavor from your e-liquid. They work with both the Triton and the G6 e- cigs, so they are versatile, too! I have not had a problem with leaking fluid into the mouth like I've experienced with certain other brands. And I love the color selections!
4.0 5
Posted on 2/3/14
I got one of these added to my G-6 starter kit. I figured it would be nice to use at home. Very simple to use and good quality look.
5.0 5
Posted on 1/30/14
No more cartomizers after finding these
These clearomizers are awesome quality and really bring out all of the flavors in your e-juice. They are incredibly easy to refill and use and store well too. Since finding these tanks they are the all i use now, no more cartomizers for me!! And the red tanks are the BEST!
5.0 5
Posted on 1/22/14
Holy Cow
For the last 6 months I have been using the triton tanks and its wasteful when trying new juice. So i picked some mini 's on sale and HOLY COW what a difference it makes. And its great to try new flav or just take on short days. (Yes i meant to do that..lol) Keep the great ideas coming yall!!
5.0 5
Posted on 1/19/14
I got this and it is an amazing addition to the g6 series. Great vapor production and excellent throat hit. It is definitely a huge jump from cartomizers. You get more liquid taste, rather than poly fill interior masking the liquid taste. While I love cartomizers, and I still use them, I will def be ordering more of these in a variety of colors so I can color code my liquid. Love these and will definitely be using them from now on, along with my cartos. Excellent product.