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5.0 5
Posted on 9/17/13
This liquid was strange on day one, but over a few days it was good. I've had it for about 11 days now, and I can't get enough of it. When I first used an e-cig with dedication (years ago), I only got cheap imported e-liquid from the only shop around my area. I thought it was fine. I'm getting back into it and bought a bottle of this with my Triton kit. Since I knew I'd be looking for more liquid again soon, I bought from three other online vendors (two of which were fancy boutique-type places). I've got 10 other flavors from these vendors, and although some are quite good, none can compare to the boldness, the complexity, and the overall palatability (if it wasn't a word, it is now) of this Cafe Mocha. I sample what I have now from other vendors on a daily basis, waiting for it to pop with flavor the way the Cafe Mocha does. I make sure to take a few puffs of this every day (I'm running low) to remind myself how good this liquid is. This Halo juice is head and shoulders above the others. Once the other samples start to run low, I will definitely be back to get more of this nectar.

(This is coming from a person who prefers vanilla, coffee, and whiskey flavors. Not too much into candy or tobacco/menthol.)
4.0 5
Posted on 9/17/13
very tasty
For me, this cappuccino flavor is pretty good overall. The complexity in this liquid takes a few puffs to really get, but is worth the payoff. If you enjoy mocha lattes this is worth getting a 7 ml bottle to sample.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/16/13
Strong coffee flavor
I am getting a strong dark coffee flavor from this liquid. It tastes great and I get a good amount of vapor. It kinda has a funny after taste of Mocha but that is fine with me. I would be happy to use this one all day as it is not super sweet and doesn't make me feel like I am chocking if I take a really big drag.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/15/13
I love that this flavor has the sweetness that some of the other coffee flavors lack ! Not to sweet though, just perfect. You can taste the coffee but you really pick up the hazelnut flavor. Kind of a dry chocolate taste which I like. Kind of like hot chocolate. This is another delicious Halo gourmet flavor !
3.0 5
Posted on 9/15/13
coffee lovers delight
I'm a coffee addict for sure.. didn't think I would enjoy a coffee flavor vapor. Surprised for sure. This flavor is nice and smooth with a hint of hazelnut that makes it feel like you have purchased one of those expensive coffees from the coffee house. Love the aroma as well. Will purchase again in the future.
4.0 5
Posted on 9/14/13
A Very Nice Vape
I really enjoy this flavor. It definitely tastes like coffee and puts off a coffee smell as well. In my opinion it isn't really an all day type of vape, but delicious nonetheless. If you like coffee or coffee flavors, definitely give this one a try.
5.0 5
Posted on 9/12/13
My favorite coffee flavor so far.
I order this in an iced liquid form from a coffee shop that I think we have all been to at least once. NOW I get to vape it whenever I want. I'm not kidding this juice is terrific. If you are a cafe mocha drinker like I am then I promise you that you will love this e-Liquid. I am getting the Twisted Java the next time I order. Very excited and maybe some Belgian Cocoa to add a drop or so to it.
3.0 5
Posted on 9/11/13
Just bought a 15ml bottle of this stuff. Upon opening it all I taste is hazelnut. Gonna let it steep for a while and see if any flavors come out. Coffee-ish but not what you want if you are looking for a coffee e-liquid. after steeping i might have another review if the flavor changes at all. HALO GODS CAN YOU JUST MAKE A SWEET COFFEE E-LIQUID PLEASE! PLEASE! THASSS WHATS UH NEEED! ESPRESSO even! Very thick stuff so don't expect your cartos to last very long. Nice vape though and pure unadulterated flavors. If it was more coffee I'd be sold.
3.0 5
Posted on 9/9/13
REALLY wanted this to be my dessert/coffee vape but...
Have to be honest
Actually and unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with Cafe' Mocha. I REALLY wanted this to be my go to coffee - cappuccino e-juice. After reading through the reviews when the time came for purchase I was a bit hesitant. However since taste is truly very subjective, I decided that I needed to give it my own taste test so to speak. Ordered 12 mg nic - using a 510 battery and tank.
Right after opening the bottle it definitely has a wonderful aroma – I couldn’t wait to fill up my tank! On first inhale I got a very dry cocoa not cappuccino taste and same on the exhale. I’ve tried it for a few days now and to me it still has a very cocoa taste unfortunately disappointed. Don’t find the Hazelnut or the Robust Cappuccino.
May try adding a bit of either Sub-Zero or Kringle's Curse to get a cocoa-mint flavor. Don’t get me wrong - it’s not un-vapable for me may let it steep and see what happens when I return to it.
Having said all that – again (redundant I know) everyone’s tastes are different. Just because this isn’t my go to juice doesn’t mean it may not be yours – that’s why HALO has the sampler kits which will be my next adventure.
Did receive the Southern Classic sampler THANK YOU! I’ll be back when I get that tanked lol!

BTW YES the HALO Rewards system works! Thank You! This was on my wish-list since day one. This is the 1st HALO juice that didn't have me at first vape so keep the good juices coming HALO!
5.0 5
Posted on 9/8/13
5 Stars for Cafe Mocha!!
Yummy!! This is one of the best Cafe Mocha flavors I've vaped so far and coffee flavors are the ones I like the best. Definitely a robust coffee and chocolate taste. It's rich and decadent.